Some of the response to the private concert by  The Laila Biali Trio  at the National Gallery of Canada on 10 February 2010.


I organized this as an appreciation event for my clients with Investors Group.  When all those and their friends who accepted the invitation were accommodated, there was still room for my friends and other groups I work with or admire in Ottawa.  The audience numbered 211.   My talk


- Tony Copple




Hi Tony,

Ryan and I foolishly only purchased one of the two CDs available after the concert and, after having listened to it pretty well constantly since then, I am really regretting it! Do you know how to go about purchasing her first CD? I know you mentioned you had a tough time and resorted to iTunes and I have checked her website, but I wondered if you had any other suggestions.

Thank you so much for introducing us to her music, Tony. We are actually looking forward to going to Jazz fest for the first time to hear her play again!

All the best,




I just want to thank you for such a nice concert. My friends and myself enjoyed it a lot.



Hi Tony


It was a real pleasure to be at the Laila Biala concert.  Even though you were very busy, I enjoyed the brief opportunity of meeting you.  Someday we'll have time for a more extended chat.  I look forward to that.


My help was gladly offered and happily given.  No big deal; I saw that a bit of support would ease congestion and avoid delays - so I did what I could.


For your information, here are quips from 2 emails I received from some of the "folks" I invited - all of whom really enjoyed themselves:


Hi Brian!
A super big thank you from Donald and me for getting us tickets to see Laila Biali.  A lovely show, love to hear piano played like that, great band!  Really appreciate it



Hi Brian,


Wow, Laila Biali is great.  I really enjoyed the concert - thanks to you and Tony.  I liked his address too – neat guy.


It’s one of the few times I found the drums just right, not overpowering the main artist.  A great trio.  And to think they’ll be back for the jazz fest.



Many thanks once again for allowing me to support your event, and for your support of the OFME List by using the information on your CKCU FM program.


Oh yes, and A VERY HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY to you.



OFME List Guy




Tony I want to express a big thanks for last Thursday evening. It was a triple F experience for me. that is there was Food, Fellowship and "Flute". Genny had me and her, my, your guests over for soup which turned out to be delicious soup, three kinds of salad, pork loin roast and fancy bread and wine. Wow! Then we had that super concert which far exceeded my expectations. This was preceded and followed by fellowship with brothers and sisters from West Ottawa, Greenbank Community and Woodvale. What an evening! Thank you so much. I doubt if anyone got as much out of it as I did. Genny's husband, Marsh is a real jazz aficionado and as you can imagine was really taken with it all, including two purchases.






Hi Tony,


Thanks so much for the invite to last Thursday’s concert.  It was great!!

Also, best wishes from both of us for many more happy years of financial advising and listening to good music and all the other things you do so well.


Paul & Liba



Dear Tony and Laurie-Ann
I know that this is late in coming, but Richard and I want to thank you again for the incredible evening a few weeks back with Laila and her band. The evening was phenomenal. I loved it - her voice, the sound, the music - wow! I am her new devoted fan. Thank you so much for inviting us. Imagine spending your birthday and inviting 200 people! I can't. It was such an amazing gift to all of us - on your birthday.
Oh, and by the way, it was good that I was sitting down that night, because I almost passed out when you said you were 70. I thought you were going to say 60. Thank you for a most enjoyable and most memorable experience. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have many more years of blessings, and joy to both of you. - Terry and Richard Long





I was my pleasure to help out – having worked in event management in Toronto, I’m very familiar with jumping in & getting it done in situations such as we experienced on Thursday night. I also thought if I helped out, you would have a better opportunity to chat with your friends & guests. I’m so glad to photo tuned out (I would have felt bad if I had messed it up!) – it’s a nice keepsake of for you.


Sienna loved helping out and connecting with Laila & her band mates. She really had a nice chance to talk music & singing – two of her passions She had played  selections she liked from the concert for her vocal music coach & class. Got great positive response from her crew. She has already put it all onto our respective IPods...


Thanks again for sharing your event – I feel privileged to have been a part of something special.


Lakmini Ebbinghaus

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Hi Tony:   Thank you very much for organising and inviting us to the Laila Biali concert last Thursday.   Ann and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and we are very appreciative of the invitation.
God Bless you and your endeavours

Rod Utting




Thank you very much M. Copple for the good evening.
Your speech inspired me. 
I know you are a busy man, but I woud like to meet you for a project.
I hope you will accept to take a coffee with me.
I will be available this Wednesday.
Have a good week-end.

Violène Gabriel
Présidente du Regroupement Affaires Femmes (RAF)
RAF vise à motiver les femmes et leurs familles en offrant
des activités sur la santé, le bien-être et l’épanouissement personnel.


Henry and I had a wonderful time at Laila Biali's concert. Thank you so much for hosting us. Laila's music is lovely; and the venue was charming. I really liked your talk at the beginning. It was extremely engaging and very you. And I don't know how any non-client could resist entrusting all their investments to you in the future - we want to feel we know and trust the people who help us with our lives, and you came across with warmth, experience and competence.

Now, I admit to a pang when I heard "at least five more years" - I guess my subconscious thought you might go on until you were at least 90 :-)

I expected you would mention being a Christian; how cool that Laila did too. I shared her story about the song "Radiance" with my small group. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn't get it.

Love and warmest wishes for a happy birthday, Jennifer & Henry




A very special thank you for a lovely evening.
  What an impressive trio!  Although I am not an ardent fan of jazz, I still enjoyed the performance, as did Vickie.  Thanks to all who contributed to what was a truly successful event.



Dear Tony,
Rob and I thoroughly enjoyed the Laila Biali Trio on Feb 10 - we were moved to tears by some of the pieces - the energy and the way that they played together – we have never seen fingers fly across a keyboard so fast and skilfully - a beautiful evening! And it was nice to know that your dream came true for your 70th birthday - you certainly look much younger than that!
Cille and Rob


Hello again Tony,
Yes, we got all the info and we did attend last Thursday. What a truly fantastic concert. We both thought she was brilliant.
And, on top of that, my husband and I both really enjoyed hearing from you at the beginning and discovering that you are a Christian, as is Liali, I believe?
We actually ran into quite a few people from our church community/Salem Storehouse Christian bookstore at the concert and so the connection with you as a believer made the evening that much more special.
As well, my husband and I have actually been praying about finding a financial advisor who might be able to assist us in making some investment decisions, and for financial advice in general. Are you taking on new clients?
I feel like God lead us to this concert not just for the great music but perhaps also for financial council!
Hope to hear from you again soon.
Again, that you for a wonderful evening last Thursday. And, Happy Birthday!
Charlotte Juane



Hi Tony,


Just a quick note to congratulate you on a very successful event last evening, and to thank you for inviting me.


I enjoyed the Laila Biali much more than on my first encounter [the Botti concert] and was impressed that she could earn a standing ovation from a largely non-jazz audience

She does a good job of communicating with her audience..


When I was a public servant I used to save/invest through Investors Group, and our current financial advisor used to work for  Investors  -  Kathryn Sweet.


Thanks again,


Ron Sweetman
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We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU! I was delighted with this evening Tony.
I did say hello but I believe you were occupied with so many details you didn’t hear me.
Loved the music even purchased an CD.
Thanks again Tony,

Dave Kemp,
The Automobile Sales Coach



Hi Tony,


You know how to throw a good birthday party!  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it.  We loved Laila as well, and Marsh bought both of her CDs.  When I called his office today, I could hear one of them playing in the background.


We'll also contact you sometime in the near future regarding making an appointment to hear that "ten-minute spiel" you made reference to last night. 


Thanks again, and many blessings,





Hi Tony

Thanks for inviting me, I had never heard of her before, she is awesome. Love that drummer what is his name Leonard Lewis? The bass player was flawless and for being the first time with them that was amazing. I love who interconnected they are in all aspects, especially dynamics. Nobody was trying to show off. Great sound, I congratulated the sound man after the show. He had a lot of help from the room great auditorium. Anyways sorry I couldn't stay late I've been under the weather all week and you were pretty busy talking, I was going to buy a CD but there so many people in line it was getting late and I wasn't feeling well. Thanks for inviting me I had a great time.

Rob Mitchell




Dear Tony,

My husband and I attended Laila Biali's concert last night, having been given 2 of the tickets you so generously donated to Brian Silcoff.  I just wanted to thank you for the experience. What a great trio! They are all amazing musicians, and we thoroughly enjoyed the concert. 
Organizing the event was a lovely gesture on your part, and we are fortunate to have been included.  Thank you so much!

Best Wishes,
Romaine Honey




Hi Tony,


I just wanted to take a moment and say ‘Congratulations!’


Your event last night was absolutely lovely. I received great feedback from everyone I spoke to last night. My daughter Sienna was in raptures afterwards about Laila’s singing and the playing from both Russ & Larnell. She took the CD’s from last night to share with her vocal music teacher as well as the head of her school instrumental band program (a great bass player himself).


I thank-you for your generosity in sharing this event with us. We truly loved being part of your birthday celebration!


Lakmini Ebbinghaus



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Hello Tony,

Many,many thanks for the opportunity to hear Laila Biali last evening.

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance: excellent Trio, Laila is charming, delightful, and talented - all you promised and more.

We also spent an hour or so in the Canadiana wing of the Gallery - something we plan to do again on a Thursday night, so thank you for opening our eyes to that option as well.

How fortunate to have been placed together at the Cathedral! Perhaps we'll meet again somewhere!

Helen Wells (and Friends)





For the excellent concert this evening. Sorry we couldn't stick around, would have liked to thank the lady in person, and of course you for organizing it. Do I see a fourth career as a concert promoter on the horizon?




We'll talk soon.

- Bill & Heather




Hi Tony,


What a wonderful email! 


First of all, thank you for inviting me to your client event.  I would love to attend as I am a big fan of Laila Biali (have her From Sea to Sky CD, read that article in the Citizen this morning) however my wife is having a medical procedure done tomorrow and I must be with her.  


Second, what a great client event.  Please let me know how it works out for you…I am even tempted to see if she would like to do a second show, same format, for my clients later on this year.  Maybe you can ask her?!


All the best Tony and thank you once again for thinking of me!  Paul.



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