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In the tradition of Delany, Sturgeon, and Le Guin, but taking his place among contemporary voices like Watts, Vonarburg, Schroeder, and Huff, John Park brings strength, intelligence, and grace of narrative to bear in this novel of relationship and estrangement.

—Candas Jane Dorsey, author of Black Wine and A Paradigm of Earth, and winner of the Aurora, Tiptree, and Crawford Awards

** Among Kirkus's "can't miss" Fantasy and SF recommendations for October

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    About Me

I was born many years ago in Hull, UK. Somewhere in my teens I decided I wanted to be a science fiction writer like John Wyndham, Brian Aldiss and Arthur C. Clarke and got my first rejection slips as an undergraduate. Later I moved to Vancouver, BC to do a PhD in Chemical Physics at UBC. Near the end of my career as a student I finally made my first sale (to Galaxy magazine), which characteristically came in the middle of a long period of writer’s block. A couple of years later, now a fully fledged science post-doc but still blocked, I moved to Ottawa for a temporary position with the National Research Council of Canada. On the way I spent six weeks in Michigan at the Clarion writers' workshop.

I still live in Ottawa. I like Beethoven, John le Carré, and quite a few SF writers. I try to keep up some of my scientific skills and intermittently succeed in turning out fiction.

Recent Publications


“Moonwolves” (The Chiaroscuro  Jan. 2013)


“Nightward” ( Tesseracts14 )

"A sphynx lay on the path, half feline, half simian. Shot through the chest, it hissed between curved fangs as its body changed and it died."


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Forthcoming Publications


"Under the Iron Rain" in Tesseracts 18"Under the Iron Rain" in Tesseacts 18

"Hammerhead" in On Spec

"There's something in the water."