About Me

My name is Adam Hunt and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I have done many things so far, including being an infantry officer, airplane, glider and helicopter pilot, peacekeeper, forest firefighter, lobbyist, association manager, writer, counsellor, web developer and IT technician. I am a graduate of the University of Manitoba.

I volunteer with National Capital Freenet where I do tech support, technical writing and run the Free Software discusion group. I also do quite a bit of writing for Wikipedia and run the COPA Flight 8 website.

You won't find me on Facebook or Twitter, but you will find me on Diaspora, the disbursed social network that is run on free software, advertising-free and community developed and run.

This website is entirely coded in HTML5 and CSS3 by hand on the Lubuntu operating system, using the jEdit text editor. Writing HTML5 by hand is so easy, fun and gives so much control, that I wouldn't use anything else.

This website was originally located on GeoCities from -. On it was moved to National Capital Freenet.

In the rest of my websites also moved to NCF hosting. These are:

Ruth 13 April 2009


Ruth was my partner, wife, lover and best friend from until .

Ruth and I used to have a great time doing everything together. A lot of the things we liked to do together are reflected here on this website and a lot of Ruth's photos and writing are also preserved here.

Ruth died of cancer on .

Some pages about Ruth:


What's With The Hair?

People do ask me about my hair, so I thought I would add a few notes here.

Having been in the air cadets when I was young, then the military for almost 20 years and then civil aviation I had to have short hair for work. I got used to it over time.

The last time I had it cut was on when Ruth gave me a crew-cut. After that she asked me to grow it out. I mean she had cancer, so when she asked what was I going to say? No? As my hair got longer through she lost all her hair to chemotherapy.

Her original goal was for me to get it to shoulder length, but in , just before she died, she said it looked really great and made me promise to grow it to the bottom of my shoulder blades! I don't think it is going to get that long, though!

Longer hair on men my age is pretty common here in Canada these days. In the IT world where I volunteer it lends credibility, as people think you know about computers! As it has grown out I have come to like it this way. I get tons of positive reactions from people of all ages about it. The only people I seem to get a negative reaction from are old, balding men. As one women I know pointed out, "they're jealous".

Computer Stuff

Over the years I have had a lot of involvement with computers. I started working on an IBM mainframe in 1978. Some of the programming was run on cards back then! Later in the 1980s I worked on a DEC mainframe and even had e-mail in 1988.

Operating systems used since 1998:

Adam wearing Ubuntu t-shirt

I have also tested every version of Puppy Linux starting with Puppy 4.3.1 and have used it for hardware testing.

I haven't used Windows since as it is insecure, expensive and compromises your personal freedom, Apple on the other hand is relatively secure but very expensive and compromises your personal freedom. It is now known from the Snowden revelations that both Microsoft and Apple operating systems have built-in back doors that allow all your documents to be stolen at will, without leaving a trace. I use free software Linux-based operating systems. For details see the Ubuntu Diaries.

Some Things I Am Into

Here is just a list, in alphabetical order, of some things that I like, do, or generally support:

Adam and Ruth quadracycling