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Pencil sketch in Confederation Park

Schools for Cartoonists

I was asked in August 2005 for advice on schools in the Ottawa-Gatineau region that might have classes and/or diploma programs of use to cartoonists in training. I thought it a good question deserving of a good and useful answer. Being the self-contradictory person I am, I wonder if I might not be making trouble in the job market for myself by doing this, but as I said on the Resources page, I've got to pay the debts I owe my teachers forward somehow, right? So, here's the list:

  • Algonquin College: They have a three-year diploma program for Animation(TV). I took it and got the diploma back when it was a two-year program, but I suspect that the industry's changed enough to make the rerigging of the program worth the extra time of the student.
  • Ottawa School of Art: I take the odd night and weekend workshop here every few months to brush up on this or that skill set aspect. Definitely useful to any student after they've got at least one diploma under their belt, since the learning process never really stops.
  • Universite de Quebec a Gatineau: I don't know much about this institution beyond the fact that they have a diploma program for comics -- "BD" en fran¨cais -- for interested students.

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