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Pencil sketch in Confederation Park


Projects, in the Works or On Sale

Some assorted projects I'm either working on either alone or in partnership with others. You can expect this page to get more regularly updated than some of the others, as things progress, or don't, on one or another of these gigs.

In Progress
Local Hero

In collaboration with Ian Gould. Local Hero is a combination police drama/superhero series of mini-series centered on one Jack Little, a former "mask" who's decided to call it quits in favour of working in conventional law enforcement as the sheriff of a little retirement community down Florida way. The trouble is that his old troubles keep popping up in his new job: the town in question hosts a large chunk of former and current "masks" on both sides of the law.

If you want to keep up on the progress for Local Hero, check out the Ace Comics Forum at Delphi Forums. Ian's set up a folder there for regular reports.

"The Great Canadian Space Opera"
I've settled on trying to make a novel of this. If I can get away with having "HMCS" in front of the hero ship's name, I will. More on this in the months ahead.

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