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Pencil sketch in Confederation Park


No one ever said keeping track of any part of your own life would be easy. And when they did, they were kidding themselves and no one else on the subject. That piece of supposed wisdom aside, this is my attempt to prove myself wrong as best I can...

Personal Affiliations

These are all organizations I hold or have held membership in over the years.

The Comic Book Industry Association. Made up of industry professionals from retailers to publishing house staffers to creative talent.

The Ottawa Science Fiction SocietyMember since 1995. I've happily served as cover artist and newsletter editor on an irregular basis and have also served as Secretary from 2000 to 2001.

Legends APA Logo
The Legends Amateur Press Alliance
Membership from 1989 to 2010. It's a group of comics fans who get together via snail-mail every two months. Primarily DC Comics titles according to the charter, but that charter paragraph's honoured more in the breach than the observance anyway in its regular snailmail and e-mail discussions, so don't worry over it. If you're a comics fan looking for an off-net venue to chat with other fans, I recommend this one.

ByMUG.ca LogoByMUG - The Bytown Mac Users Group

Causes I Believe In

Amnesty International

Médcins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders

Net Neutrality Canada - Neutrality.ca

Habitat for Humanity

People I Respect

Some of the people whose sites I've set up links for here are friends, some are somewhat more distant in my acquaintance. What they all share is my respect for them and their work.

From Comics

Dan Curtis Johnson - Comics writer and computer systems designer. Co-creator of DC Comics' Chase and a fine storyteller.

J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray - Dan's partners on DC's Chase, and later worked with Alan Moore on America's Best Comics' Promethea and with Warren Ellis on Desolation Jones, which are each worthy of considerable attention in their own right.

(Before you ask: No, J.H. is no relation to me, direct or otherwise, that either of us is aware of. )

Mark Shainblum - writer for magazines, novels, comedians and comic books and strips. Co-creator - with artist Gabriel Morrisette - of the dead-serious Northguard and the socio-cultural satire Angloman.

Scott McCullar - Online acquaintance and occasional crony in the DCU RPG freelancers' club. He's been webmaster of several comics professionals' websites over the years.

Warren Ellis - Quite probably one of the ten best comics writers active today. I don't always agree with his thinking, but that doesn't make it any less worth paying attention to.

Christopher Priest - longtime writer and editor in comics, music producer, and minister. He's been written at least two of my personal favourites in recent years, Marvel's Black Panther and Acclaim/Valiant's Quantum & Woody.

Dwayne McDuffie (1962-2011) - senior writer on the Justice League animated series for the Cartoon Network(also aired in Canada via YTV), co-creator of Damage Control and Deathlok(the Michael Collins version) for Marvel, co-founder of the Milestone Media comics universe, and a fine writer himself.

I miss him.

Tony Isabella - writer of comics and novels, industry columnist (with columns running at the Perpetual Comics and World's Finest sites) and loyal family man.

J Torres - writer for TV and comics. Co-creator of Alison Dare, Sidekicks,, Siren, and Copybook Tales.

Kurt Busiek - co-creator of Astro City with Brent Anderson and Alex Ross.

B. Clay Moore - writer of several titles of no small interest, particularly the detective/supernatural series Hawaiian Dick.

Chuck Dixon - veteran action-adventure comics writer.

Scott Beatty - occasional writing partner of Chuck's, and author of several of the Ultimate Guides for DC Universe characters published by Dorling-Kindersley.

Kieron Gillen - Word Scientist.

From Prose Fiction

Robert J. Sawyer - Hugo and Nebula winner. A novelist with twin specialties in mystery and SF work. Very capable at creating cross-genre works.

Lee "Budgie" Barnett, author specializing in "flash fiction". It's quick, it's good.

Leslie Charteris - the late and much-honoured creator of a certain Mr. Templar...Simon Templar, known to some as the Saint. By necessity, Mr. Charteris' estate runs his website, and I understand from several sources that the bulk of the series is finally back in print, in North America as in the UK.

Diane Duane and Peter Morwood AKA the Owl Springs Partnership. Diane maintains a blog here.

Elizabeth Holden - longtime fellow comics fan and occasional commentator on the art and business of comics.

Greg Rucka - creator of the Atticus Kodiak novels, the Queen & Country comics series, and all-around decent guy.

Mike Norton - another of my comics fandom friends, and a decent hard-science resource when I need one.

Hayden Trenholm - writer and boss of Bundoran Press.

From TV and Film

Rick Sternbach - he spent about 20 years involved with the Star Trek operation in one artistic capacity for another. A lot of spacecraft and prop design for that universe's TV series have his fingerprints all over them. Nowadays, he's back to freelancing as an SF illustration for
 TV, film and print media, and operating Space Model Systems.

Gerry Conway - Co-creator of the Punisher for Marvel, the original Firestorm for DC, currently on-staff with Wolf Studios' Law & Order: CI.
Michael Okuda - This is the man for whom "Okudagrams" are now named. With the team of graphic designers under his supervision from 1987 to 2005, in tandem with the aforementioned Rick Sternbach and company, he helped create the "look" of modern Star Trek.

Places and People I've Done Business With

Among the people whose businesses I've been pleased to deal with over the years...

Blambot Fonts: Nate Piekos' font foundry. One of his products is used in my logo and others get used in projects of mine from time to time.

Typodermic Fonts: Based in Ontario, another font design house, run by one Ray Larabie. His Expressway Bold makes up the other part of my logo at present, and I'm using other stuff of his for assorted personal projects.

Canada Type: A second Ontario-based font design house equally worthy of your patronage.

Compact Music - my favourite independent music shop in the Ottawa region at the moment.

Perfect Books - first among independent bookstores in the Ottawa region in my mind right now.

Other Assorted Worthies

Professor Michael Geist - member of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. Cyberlaw commentator for assorted news services. Makes sense of the issues he covers more often than not.

Nigel Henbest and Heather Couper - space sciences authors extraordinaire. They co-wrote my favourite book to date on the makeup of the Milky Way Galaxy, The Guide to the Galaxy, back in the early 1990's. Go ask the book's publishers why there hasn't been a revised edition in over ten years. The book's that good in explaining its topic. And then there's the maps...

Linda McQuaig, political affairs commentator.

James David Nicoll, longtime SF comment-maker, longtime survivor of "Nicoll Events", and eminent quotable person in general.

Other Interests


Some of my favourite shows, past and present, include:

Due South: Let's face it. It's the quintessential Canadian super-hero comedy/drama/police-detective series. I tend to look on it as Canada's answer to Star Trek: one of those "Franchises That Cannot Die". How soon CTV and Alliance-Atlantis realize this and act accordingly is up in the air, though.

Regrettably, the official website's been taken down for the foreseeable future, so for anyone interested in deep background on the show, I recommend William and Elyse's Due South page.

Power Play - The great hockey soap opera. Okay, so Laurin and Davis didn't set out to create a show about hockey, but rather about the people who work in our Great Game, particularly player-agent turned Hamilton Steelheads GM Brett Parker. So what? It's a semantic argument over that point, and besides, the show has been fun to watch. It was supposed to last about four years, or so they hoped, but it wrapped up well enough in two.

Law & Order: Need I say more? Very competent police/courtroom procedural show. I wish I could watch it more regularly, but considering the coverage that its three branch series have across multiple channels, I don't really have to.

If anyone can recommend a good fan-run web resource site for these shows, let me know, okay?

Intelligence - A CBC crime/espionage drama, from the same guys and gals who've given us Da Vinci's Inquest/City Hall. Watch it as soon as you can legally do so.

CyberSix: Based on the Argentinian comics series created by Carlos Meglio and Carlos Trillo, it started airing on Teletoon in 1999 back in that channel's early days on Canada's cable "dial", was rerun steadily for a couple of years thereafter, and is rather different from much of the rest of super-heroics. A touch of Frankenstein here for her origin story, a tad of Victor/Victoria for her secret identity, a dress sense borrowing liberally from the Shadow(the hat and suit color), Catwoman(self-explanatory once you see her) and Spawn(the cape) or so it seems to me. Ranges from fun to scary and back again very deftly.

The Mercer Report: You know him from This Hours Has 22 Minutes: Rick Mercer. He's got his own satire/commentary/"fake news" program on CBC...and now he has a blog. And he's using it.

Little Mosque on the Prairie, created by Regina's Zarqa Nawaz.
Some favourite artists, be they composer-conductors, vocalists, or what have you:

As the Poets Affirm: Ottawa-based band. If you catch'em in concert, consider yourself blessed.

Mike Post: The "Good TV Theme Guy". If he isn't called that in the same tone of respect as is given to Carl Barks for being "the good Duck artist", I'd like to know the reason why. He's been in the business of putting together music for TV shows in the States for over twenty years now, from at least The Rockford Files onward that I know of, and he does good work.

Bruce Cockburn: Pronounced "koh-burn", like that actor. Part romanticist, part social activist, all-around good musician.

Christopher Franke: The Babylon 5 music composer. Themes, background pieces and so forth. Excellent.

Sarah McLachlan: Enough said. I thank the Due South people for bringing her work to my attention through judicious use of pieces like "Possession"(?), "Fumbling Toward Ecstacy", and "Fear".

Enigma: This outfit ought to be getting serious employment from space opera and superhero movie productions. Absolutely mythical in range and scope.

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