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Pencil sketch in Confederation Park

Non-Specialty Stores Carrying Comics in the National Capital Region

It's a long list and as a result, not entirely complete just yet. I'm tentatively organizing them by region, starting with which side of the Ontario-Quebec border they happen to be on. After which, I'm running from east to west.

Also, in case you're wondering, I count a store as being on this list no matter how small the comics selection they carry. If it's as small as the Archie Digests, Heavy Metal and/or Safarir, the store carrying them ought to be here.



Shoppers Drug Mart - Innes/Portobello intersection
Pronto Food Mart - Innes/Portobello intersection
Quickie - Trim/Watters intersection
Quickie - des Epinettes strip mall
Shoppers Drug Mart - Fallingbrook Mall
Mac's Milk - Fallingbrook Mall
Loeb's - Fallingbrook Mall
Loeb's Plus - Trinity Common Mall
Pharma Plus - Place d'Orleans Mall


Shoppers Drug Mart - Rideau Centre
Shoppers Drug Mart - Bank/Laurier West intersection
convenience store - Esplanade Laurier Mall
Mags and Fags - Elgin Street(Warning: also sells tobacco products!)

Beacon Hill
Shoppers Drug Mart - Beacon Hill Mall




If you see something I've missed, let me know!

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