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Pencil sketch in Confederation Park

Comics Shops of the National Capital Region
Here as a public service to people either living in, moving to, or just visiting the Ottawa-Gatineau region who want to shop for something in a comics/graphic novel vein. If you notice anything missing(or for that matter, anything here that shouldn't be here any longer), contact me via the e-mail links to one side.

The Comic Centre(aka "The Cave") 6 - 33 Roydon Place Ottawa, ON K2E 1A3 Canada 613-288-1299

Comet Comics 1073 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X7 Phone: 613-260-8076

Crosstown Traffic Bank St. in the Glebe Ottawa, ON Hours: Mon-Wed - 1030 am - 6 pm Thurs - 1030 am - 7 pm Fri - 1030 am - 8 pm Sat - 1030 am - 530 pm

Note: this shop is openly pro-legalization re: "recreational drugs". If you have a problem with that for any reason, you may want to look elsewhere.

Entertainment Ink Place d'Orleans, Orleans, ON Phone: (613)841-5531 Hours: Mon-Fri - 10 am - 9 pm Sat - 10 am - 6 pm Sun - 12 noon - 5 pm E-mail: entertainment_ink@yahoo.ca

Myths Legends and Heroes # 200-256 Bank Street Ottawa, ON K2P 1X4 Phone: (613)746-5772 Home page: http://www.mythslegendsandheroes.com/

The Comic Book Shoppe I 1400 Clyde Avenue(Bleeker Mall) Nepean, ON Phone: (613)228-8386

The Comic Book Shoppe II 237 Bank Street Ottawa, ON Phone:(613)594-3042 Current website for both stores

Kobold's Corner 462 Hazeldean Road, Kanata Phone: 613) 836-3030 Hours: Mon-Tues 11 am-6 pm Wed-Fri 11 am-10 pm Sat 11 am-6 pm Sun 12 noon-5 pm Website: Store homepage

Multi-Zone Gatineau Store: 140 boulevard Gréber Gatineau, QC Phone: 819-561-1411 Aylmer Store: Galeries d'Aylmer 181 rue Principale Gatineau, QC Phone: 819-685-3399 English website: http://www.multizone.ca/en/ French website: http://www.multizone.ca/fr/

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