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Pencil sketch in Confederation Park


A Career History

This page details some of the more relevant training and work I've had published or aired over the years. Some of that work is excerpted in the Gallery section. For links to some of the organizations and persons listed here(if they don't already have working links here), please see the "Links" page. 


Algonquin College - Animation for Television. My strengths during my studies there were largely in Lifedrawing, Drama and Scriptwriting classes. Culminated in the start-to-finish creation of a 20-second public service animation for a Hull, Quebec-based help line.

Other training before and since includes assorted night classes and workshops at both Algonquin College and the Ottawa School of Art. 

Published and Aired Work to Date


Editorial Cartoonist - Algonquin Times, a student newspaper affiliated with Algonquin College.


Courtroom Artist - CBC Ottawa Television (CBOT-TV), specifically its' Newsday programs. Some of the artwork commission by that station during those years was also used in print by the Ottawa Citizen by joint agreement, and aired also by CBC Television's Newsworld operation, particularly the illustrations used to cover the break-in at the Prime Minister's Residence, and a particularly unusual attempted homicide case in Smith's Falls, Ontario.


Op-Ed Page Cartoonist - (Orleans) Star - I spent almost two months working part-time as Op-Ed page artist. I'm personally proud of the "Canada Day 1997" edition, celebrating not only the 125th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, but the space shuttle flight of Dr. Robert Thirsk of the Canadian Space Agency, a past resident of nearby Cumberland which was in progress at the time.


Newsletter Editor - Ottawa Science Fiction Society Statement. I did the page layout work, solicited contributions from other OSFS members, and provided content, including the cover illustrations during that same period, from March to June of 1999. I continue to provide editorial content, both as an ordinary member as I did prior to serving as Editor, as well as in my current role as OSFS Secretary. My work, along with those of fellow OSFS members Sharon Fall and Joel Polowin, earned the Statement a 1999 Aurora Awards nomination for Fan Achievement.

Daily Planet Guide to Gotham City


The Daily Planet Guide to Gotham City, West End Games/D6Legend. See Projects page for additional details along with a link to the publisher.


Contributing Illustrator - O'Neil Observer/Destination Cool # 4.

Contributing Writer - Arts' Desire - NCF Communicator # 5. Wrote reviews of selected comics.


Evening Shift cover art by Brian WoodIllustrator - Evening Shift # 1 completed for Arctic Star Studios. More on this on the Projects page.

Illustrator - media kit for The Adventures of Radik Wildflower for JumpPoint Entertainment.


Illustrator - "Temporal Tyrants" for Hero Games' Digital Hero web-magazine. Published October 2005 in # 33.

Web Graphic Element Designer - arune.com


The Tea Makers Weblog - computer wallpaper designer - designed to support Joe Clark's media accessibility R&D project. Go check out Ouimet's explanation of the project and my part in it.


Spacing Ottawa logo

Contributing Writer - Spacing Ottawa

Authored by Dwight Williams. Created: September 1, 2002. Most recent update: January 29, 2016. Special thanks to Michael Hutchinson for assistance above and beyond the call. Hosted by NCF/LCN.