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Pencil sketch in Confederation Park

Software Dwight Builds His Websites With
Here as another public service. I've used maybe a half-dozen programs in building these pages over the years, and I figured I'd better name names. So, in no particular order...

  • Composer, whether built into Netscape or Mozilla. It was the first web editor program I ever used.
  • N|Vu - Designed to be cross-platform, built upon the "bones" of Composer. Freeware.
  • PageSpinner - Mac only, and one of the two I consider most user-friendly to my brain at the moment. Payware.
  • TACO HTML Editor - also for the Mac, currently freeware, and my other personal favourite for its user-friendly interface. I used it specifically for this page you're reading right now.

In closing, I leave one question to my visitors to answer if they will: is it possible to build web-authoring to be too powerful?

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