My garden plants.

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As the list of plants, with descriptive material and pictures, is lengthy, this page serves as a master index which opens other sub-pages.


For quite some time I have wanted to provide an easy way for people to obtain information about the plants in my garden. Why? For over 15 years I have made available to other gardeners the surplus plants from my garden. When I prepare the plants for transfer, I usually include a tag with the name and growing information about the plant. As some of the descriptions are fairly long, the tags can become a bit unwieldy. It would be much easier to refer the receivers of the plants to a website where they could get a description and see a picture of the plant. Thus, the rationale for this section of my website.

One of the spin-offs of this practice of giving away my excess plants is that I meet some wonderful people and often receive new plants in return. While I am not usually looking to add more specimens to my property (as I am trying to keep plants restricted to existing garden space), I have come to appreciate the beauty and value of diversity.

Finally, through the natural process of gardening over the years, there are some plants which used to be in the garden and are no longer included. As a result, I have included a description for them and the rationale for their removal or exclusion.


I am indebted to various garden sites which have provided some of the descriptive material included. However, I have also added my own observations particular to growing conditions in the Ottawa, Ontario area where I reside. I have also combined my love of photography with gardening by providing photos of the plants along with the descriptions. Thus, all the photographs of the plants are my own.

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