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Gardening -- Garden overview.

To give some perspective and reference points for the other pages in this section, I have provided photos showing the individual gardens in their totality, as well as some broader pictures of the yards surrounding my home. (Each thumbnail photo can be enlarged by clicking on the photo with the mouse.)

My home was built in the late 1940's and is situated on a large pie-shaped lot, with the house positioned close to the street. The front of the house faces almost due north. This leaves a substantial rear, south exposure yard with a small west side yard and an even smaller garden area between the driveway and the house on the east side. The west property line is marked with a mature cedar hedge from 6-10 feet (2-3 m) high and about 6-8 feet (2-2.5 m) deep. The rear yard is separated from the dead end street behind by a 6 foot (2 m) solid cedar fence fronted by a caragana hedge; and a chain link fence along the rear neighbour's yard.

Rear yard perspective.

This photo is taken from the rear of the back yard looking to the north towards the house. The garage gardens are on the right (east) side; there are gardens to the east, west and north (beside the house) of the patio; a small garden further to the west and one around the lilac tree in the foreground and another around the lilac tree in the distance.

Rear yard looking south.

This photo is taken from the driveway looking south-west across the rear yard. It shows the U-shaped garden along the pathway to the patio as well as the vegetable garden and Japanese lilac tree in the distance.

Rear yard looking southeast.

This photo is taken from the west side of the patio looking to the south-east. It shows the garden along the west edge of the patio and a portion of the more westerly garden. In the far distance is a dark mauve lilac tree with a surrounding garden. There are also plantings along the side of the garage. Behind the garage there are three rows of raspberry plants as well as some hostas against the fence.

Far west patio garden. Let's now take a closer look at the individual gardens. Starting at the west edge of the rear yard, near the cedar hedge and parallel with the patio, there is an oval garden with a mix of perennials and some annuals. This garden has been undergoing changes in the past couple of years, including the fall of 2007.
West patio garden. Across a small area of grass, and along the western edge of the patio, lies one of the main perennial gardens. Most of the various lilies are located here, along with several phlox, two peonies, many iris and springtime tulips and daffodils.
East patio garden. To the east, on the other side of the patio is the other main garden. This is a U-shaped mix of annuals and perennials. The latter include shasta daisy, primrose, balloon flower, a peony and some iris. In the spring there are many tulips and some hyacinth. Just in front of the steps annuals are planted. These vary each year and may include gerbera, snapdragon or other plants. Along the foundation at the rear of the house is the main peony garden. On the ends of the garden there are columbine, Mexican hat and other perennials or annuals. There are tulips incorporated to add some colour before the peonies bloom. Click this link to see a close-up of this garden, taken from the steps side.
Pots of plants. You may have noticed in the photo above some pots of plants on the driveway. Each year a mixture of houseplants and annuals are placed in three or four urn planters. These planters are moved about to line the driveway, or sit in front of the garage or on the front steps.
Front steps garden. Moving to the front of the house, there are three areas of garden. These areas are currently being redone as a result of changes to the exterior of the house made in 2007. The main showpiece garden follows the contour of the front walk and contains a mixture of perennial shrubs, house plants and annuals. Against the front foundation there is a garden structured around a Mugo pine. This garden has perennial shrubs and hostas.
Front corner garden. In the south-west corner lies a small corner garden with phlox, lilies and primrose.
Front geranium garden. Finally, in the centre of the small front yard a kidney-shaped garden displays daffodils in the spring and holds geraniums brought from inside the house after that.
West side foundation garden. Along the west side of the house there are some pocket gardens. One garden (shown here) surrounds the base of a large lilac shrub. Further along there are some lily of the valley and an area with hydrangea. Tucked under the hedge, the azalea plants find a home in the warmer months.

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