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I have not been particularly successful with rose growing. At least three new plants over the past few years never made it to their second year. The winter cold with little snow cover was just too hard on the roots despite my efforts in mounding soil around the crown. I am not sure if the use of a cover over the plant would have helped. I am waiting to see how the latest new addition has survived the strange weather of 2006 and 2007.

  • Floribunda - Charisma.
    • Description: Small, red flower.
    • Growing preferences:
    • Observations:
    • Zone:
    • Year added: 2006 (May).
    • Plant source: Purchased at a store by my son as a gift for his mother.
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    • Photo(s): Florabunda rose bush.

  • Explorer - .
    • Description: Winter hardy variety developed especially for Canada at the Experimental Farm. Tiny red flowers which bud in an attractive classic rose shape before opening into a flat, two-layered rose with yellow centre.
    • Growing preferences:
    • Observations: Died off extensively in 2004 and 2005. Left with one main shoot and a smaller shoot. Blooms develop from new growth in groups of 3-7. If dead flowers are not pruned a sizeable pod is produced. Stalks are thick and very thorny. Can grow to five feet high or more in one season. I prune the plant extensively in the spring and fall to remove dead tips and crossed branches.
    • Zone:
    • Year added: In the 1970's.
    • Plant source: Unsure.
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    • Photo(s):
      • Explorer rose bud.About to open close-up.
      • Explorer rose bush.Full size plant.
      • Explorer rose flower.Bloom close-up.

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