What's New 12/16/02

Let us know if your email changes

We have been trying to let our customers know when software updates are available and a LOT of you haven't let us know that your email address changed. The last batch of messages went out and one out of every five messages bounced. This means our server gets bounced messages and you will never know when the updates are available.


We've just released DAT2WAV version 1.2. It is a software package that will let you read the digital audio information from DAT tapes. The new version now adds functions like WAV2DAT, DAT2DAT, DAT2IMG and IMG2DAT. It fully supports both the Archive/ Conner/ Seagate and Sony drives.


A number of new links have been added to the DAT FAQ. More information from SGI has been linked. Another web site has been found that has audio firmware for both the 4320 and 4326/8000 drives.

CD+G Project Update

The project is dead.

Some time ago we found out that a bunch of code in the project wasn't originally GPL as we had been led to believe. The author asked us to remove the code. Since it was going to be a lot of effort on our part to remove the offending code, (and we don't have the time) it was agreed that we would have the project removed from SourceForge and our web site.


We've packaged up a Win32 version of our old SCSIPING program. It should run on Win95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP, but won't run on the old DOS environment.


A number of new links have been added to the CD+G FAQ.

CD+G Player

A minor update of CDGPlay has been put up on our site.

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