Digital Audio Tape (DAT) to WAV file extraction tool


DAT2WAV is a command line program to dump the digital audio (at up to 4x speed) from a DAT tape to a WAV file. It also writes tapes from WAV and MP3 files. It runs only in a DOS window under Win95/98/NT/2K/XP. It requires that ASPI drivers be installed and running. In order for this software to work you must have a SCSI DAT drive that is capable of reading audio tapes. Silicon Graphics sells a new drive which is audio capable, but their list price is $2000US(internal)/ $2500(external), and the drive is nothing more than a new Sony audio capable drive.  Other options are to use the older ARCHIVE DAT drives with the audio firmware.


The ARCHIVE/CONNER/SEAGATE drives from the 4320 family may be able to read audio.  You have to have the audio firmware installed otherwise it will not work. If your 4320 drive has either firmware version 25601-XXX2.63 or 25601-XXX2.75 then you are likely all set.  If your 4326/8000 drive has firmware version 01931-XXX5.56 or 01931-XXX5.63 or 01931-XXX5AC then you are likely all set. If your Sony SDT-9000 drive has firmware version 1.11 or 1.13 then you are likely all set.  If not then you will have to get the audio firmware for your drive.

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For more information on DAT, drives, firmware etc. have a look at our DAT FAQ

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