This page isn't as much a list of frequently asked questions and answers as it is a collection of various web resources relating to CD+G.


The Philips Red Book which is the definitive document on all the information on CD+G

CDG Revealed - the Jim Bumgardner document on CD+G

MAC Player - the source to Jim Bumgardner's CD+G player for the MAC

List of drives that support reading CD+G discs

A list of compatible drives that can read/write CD+G

Assorted Software available

Program to extract the CD+G data
CDDA software.htm#cdda

CD Recording software to copy CD+G discs

software that will take bmp files and merge them with wav files to make raw data that can be burned

Commercial software that will let users make their own discs:
Sound Choice
Music Maestro
Pocket Songs

Micro Technology Unlimited
1. Karaoke Pro package is now bundled with a PC computer and audio workstation, starting at $12,200
2. Karaoke Home Producer software is $150. It is for home use and does not support duet or any form of graphics. It is not designed to allow copyrighting a production. Karaoke Pro does that.

DART Karaoke Studio
The software suite with everything you need to make custom Karaoke for CD+G machines.
All the tools and fun of DART Karaoke Studio Plus
- record CD+G discs for Karaoke machines Plus
- create CD+G files for software CD+G Players

Software CD+G Players

The first PC based player was our CDGPLAY which will play from either the CD+G disc, or from a file of just the raw packs, allowing the author to test the data before burning to cd: software.htm#cdgplay

There is a new WinAMP plugin that will let you play mp3 files at the same time as CDG files:

There is the program WINCDG that will just play the raw packs at the same time as playing an MP3 file:
WINCDG Pro 2.0

PlayCDG Software CD+G Player for PC for Windows 95, 98, ME

Thanks to Jim Bumgardner the first software player for any computers was for the MAC:

Copying CD+G discs

Plextor Manager can read and write CD+g discs
CloneCD can read and write CD+g discs
CDRWIN can read and write CD+g discs.
Nero CD can read and write CD+g discs

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