What's New 07/15/99

DAT2WAV - Firmware Found!!!

It was bound to happen some time, some kind soul has put the firmware for the Archive 4320 drives on the web. This means that a lot of people who have regular Archive/Conner/Seagate DAT drives can upgrade them to support reading audio! As best we can tell the firmware is for either the newer release (2.xx firmware) version of the Archive 4320 drive. It does not appear there is the firmware for the older (1.xx firmware) version of the 4320 drive.

Make sure you get your own copy of the files just in case they disappear...


We have also started working on DAT2WAV again. Although it is not ready yet, work on WAV2DAT is well under way.

CD+G Project Update

There has been quite a bit of interest in the project since it was announced in the spring. Unfortunately almost every email we have received asks us to let them know when it is ready, and so far we haven't had a single person write any code. We've also had a number of people write to us with pointers to code already written, but so far we have been unable to make the changes needed to make it work. So, basically this means that there is nothing new, and that there has been no work on the project.

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