What's New 02/01/98

CDDA32 Version 1.0 Released

Finally the long awaited 1.0 release is available. It brings a long list of new features and bug fixes.

CD-Text FAQ updated

There is a growing interest in the new CD standard called CD-Text which allows album titles, artist names, track names and images to be stored in some previously unused portions of regular audio CDs. There are many home audio CD players available now that will already handle these CDs, and surprisingly there are a large number of audio CDs available now with CD-Text.

The news on CD-Text is that Sony has released a new CD-Rom drive that supports reading the information stored on the CDs. Up to this point there were no drives available that properly support CD-Text. Sony Japan has also opened their own CD-Text information site. Make sure you have a look at the cute little cartoons.


It will be maintained only as new information rolls in. If someone else wants to volunteer to do it for us, you are more than welcome.

Windows CD+G Player

Computall Services has been collaborating with Steve Gray (author of SJGPlay) to help him make a Windows player for CD+G. The initial version will allow the simultaneous playback of MP3 and CDG files. A version that will directly playback from CD is a long way from being available. Have a look at SJGPlay at the following site (from archive.org): http://web.archive.org/web/20060516221939/www.ryerson.ca/~sgray/

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