What's New 01/17/99

DAT2WAV 1.0 final release

It has been a long time coming, but we have finally released our new program DAT2WAV. It is a program that will allow you to read the digital audio directly from a DAT (digital audio tape) in a drive installed in a PC. The big trick to getting this to work in having the right drive. Most DAT drives for computers do not support reading the audio data.

CDDA32 Version 1.1 final is now available

The next release of CDDA32 is now available. There are a lot of changes from Version 1.0. Highlights of the changes:

CD+G Project Announced

The CD+G project is a new project proposed by Computall to attempt to try to bring together all the pieces necessary for people to make their own CD+G cds. We have done a lot of work with CD+G over the last couple of years and have had a large number of people ask about making their own discs. Up to this point the only software we've seen for this is a very expensive package from Philips and is not viable for most people. The aim of the project is to create a FREE CD+G authoring tool.

Audio Compression technology licensing trouble

As we mentioned on our site back in August and back in 1997, there are big problems brewing for people releasing unlicensed MP3 encoders. There are also problems for people releasing unlicensed AAC encoders. Here's a link to the letter from Dolby on the MP3.com site. http://www.mp3.com/news/135.html

RIAA vs Diamond - digital music directive

To top off all of this, the RIAA is now trying to file an injunction against Diamond to prevent them from shipping their new RIO product which is a hardware MP3 player. Have a look at the RIAA site for more information:
Have a look at the Diamond site for more information on their suit as well as information on the new RIO portable MP3 player.
... and the press release from MP3.com

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