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Valour on Juno Beach:
Gallantry Decorations to men of the
Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force, D-Day 1944

by T. Robert Fowler,
published by General Store Publishing House, 1994. Second printing, 2005.

Troops aboard LCIs in port.
Troops aboard LCIs in British port, awaiting decision for D-Day.
(Photo Credit: National Archives of Canada, WA-099)

Valour on Juno Beach is a record of the courage shown by men of the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force on the 6th of June, 1944. On that day, the greatest invasion in history was launched against Hitler's Atlantik Wall in Normandy by Canadians, British, and American forces. Each of the landing forces was assigned a particular sector of the beach. The Canadian sector was code-named "Juno Beach." While the valour displayed by the infantrymen of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division in the leading wave is the focus of this book, all other major Canadian units who received awards are also included, such as the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and the 29th Canadian Motor Torpedo Flotilla.

valour on juno beach cover Valour on Juno Beach contains the exact citations for all men of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force who were awarded gallantry decorations as a result of the invasion of Normany on D-Day. The citations are arranged in chronological order, with a narrative text showing the context in which all these acts of courage took place. The book contains as complete a list as possible, from available government records, of those men who received gallantry awards because of their actions on 6 June 1944. These awards include the Distinguished Service Order, the Military Cross, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, the Military Medal, the Distinguished Service Cross, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

This book is not a military history of the landing on 6 June 1944, but is a record of what happened to a number of Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen, as told through the citations for gallantry decorations.

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