Pampered Cats and Other Household Gods

Tabby cat occupying human's bed

Cat box haiku tj 2007

Tabby cat yoga matl

This is how you do it: Stretch, relax. Stretch, relax. Roll over for a tummy rub.

Cute kitten pen and ink drawing TJ circa 1982

Have a gander at some cat drawings by the human servant.

Cat on lap surprise waiting for youl

Remembering Mr. Snuggles. B. Circa 2002. D. July 8, 2019.
No more bedtime cuddles. No more cat on lap photo ops.
No more puke puddles and interrupted sleep.

Visit the Pampered Cats and other Household Gods blog series by my nom de plume.

Two cats napping on writer s window sill

One was adopted as a kitten, a gift to our sweet sixteen. The other was adopted later on as a companion.

Kwan Yin statue and brown tabby cat

Cats in everyone's pants!

Black cat on lap in front of writing journal and laptop

The Grimalkin Speaks

Geneva Tabby is displeased

What does Miss Geneva have to share with the world?

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