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My distraction with benches

It started around 2002 when I encountered the Secret Bench of Knowledge outside of the National Library and Archives building on Wellington Street, Ottawa.

The Secret bench of Knowledge National Library and Archives circa 2002

Benches offer a place to rest your feet, legs and back. They offer a place to sit down and eat that quick sandwich, poutine or to chat with a friend or make a new acquaintance. They offer a place to sit quietly, to observe the scenery and to contemplate your status in Life.

Sadly, they are often the last option as a place for the homeless to sleep.

Dundonald Park bench Winter 2015

Dundonald Park Bench

Park bench Parry Sound town dock Spring 2017

Shopping mall parking lot bench August 2017

Metro Ottawa paper on bus stop bench

Park bench painted over 2017

Bus stop shelter bench surrounded by snow

MacKenzie waterfall bench

Ottawa Chinatown bench

morning walks park bench

Homeless Jesus on bench sculpture

Benches in Dundonald Park Ottawa Nov.12 2019

Bench in neighbourhood park surrounded by dandelions May 18 2020

Bench in neighbourhood park surrounded hiding under tree changing its colours September 2020

Bench in neighbourhood park buried in snow February 2021

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