Bolt-on Rearsets

Some riders have replaced the Concours pegs with those from a ZX9R/ZX6R to make room for hefty-sized feet (see robrjohnson). They move the rear of the footpeg back about 4 cm. I tried them and liked the rearward mount, but found with my size 11 feet, the shifter was too far away. The Kawasaki part numbers are 34028-1428 & 1429.

The idea fermented for a couple of years during which I discovered the benefits of shorty windshield and lower bars. So I started looking for a replacement shifter which would be a bit longer. The criteria were 'bolt-on' and 'frugal'. Found a slightly tatty-looking shifter for $12 on eBay from an '82 Gpz750.

The Concours shifter pivot diameter is 12 mm and the distance from pivot centerline to toe-actuator centerline is 10 cm. The seller was gracious enough to make some measurements for me, and the Gpz750 shifter pivot is also 12mm. The Gpz750 pivot to toe-actuator distance is 14 cm, which means it exactly compensates for the extra 4 cm footpeg rearset. The only thing preventing this from being a perfect bolt-on is the depth of the shifter pivot on the shaft. The Concours shifter is 18 mm deep and uses a 1 mm washer on each side, the Gpz750 one is 20 mm, so it fits fine if you leave out the washers.

When received, the heim-joint shaft was a bit loose in the shifter, but peening (bashing with a hammer) cured that. A couple of coats of black paint geatly improved appearance. It connects to the stock adjustor bar and gizmo (the part that goes on the splined shaft). The Kawasaki part number is 13242-1049, which can also be found on the '82 Gpz1000 and '83 KZ750.

Took a while longer (Spring 2007) to find a bolt-on brake pedal replacement. After much peering at photographs, measuring the stock pedal, and test installing one in the RPM Cycles parking lot, I decided on the pedal from a ZX600/Ninja 600R (models C1/1988 - C10/1997, E1/1993 - E11/2003), part no. 43001-1224. As you can see, it's more or less the same shape and a couple of inches shorter. The diameters of the holes are the same (pivot 15 mm, clevis pin 8 mm), just had to fabricate an extension to connect the springs. One slight difference, the ZX600 protrusion connecting to the master cylinder is located slightly outward compared to the Concours. But, this can be overcome by putting the washer which sits behind the Concours pedal on the outside of the ZX600 pedal (whew).

In one critical respect, the ZX600 pedal is different from the Concours. Near the pivot, the ZX600 pedal extends a bit lower and depending on how it is adjusted, it may bind on the boss holding the brackets together AND PREVENT FULL REAR BRAKING ACTION. I adjust the pedal so that it's above my foot during normal riding so this is not a problem for me. If you adjust it to a position below your foot, you may want to CHECK BINDING VERY CAREFULLY.

The ZZR600 pedal is shorter, reducing leverage during operation. Rear wheel braking is notably less sensitive than with the Concours pedal, and I would say I prefer it this way. Reverting back for a longer trip will require some practice with the (normal, far too sensitive) rear brake.

The result of all these components is a more sporty footpeg location, back under the rider center of gravity . It complements the low '86 bars and low 15" windshield for short-distance, sunny Sunday afternoon hops. Almost Ninja in character, although gear throw is a bit longer. For longer trips, on go the higher 2001 bars, taller 25 1/2" windshield and stock pegs, brake and shifter, reverting to touring mode.

Side-by-side views: Left Side

Right Side