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All poems are copyright © Susan McMaster, Ottawa, Canada, 1970-present: please contact me for permission to publish or use in any extensive or commercial way. You are most welcome to use my poetry in a personal, educational, or non-profit context, however, without specific permission. I would be glad to hear from you about such uses: please contact me.

The Ottawa-based international literary journal Ygdrasil (May 2008, editor Klaus Gerken) presents a retrospective of my work.

"The Canadian Issue" (#33, 2009, editor M.L. Weber, guest editor SM) of the US-based international literary journal Sugar Mule ) is a collection of new poetry from across Canada, and is the origin of the anthology Pith & Wry: Canadian Poetry (Scrivener Press, 2010, editor SM).

Asking only... UP, SB

Door ULB

Ice ULB, ULBGeode

The Naming UP

The Need of Objects UP, SB

The Old Man's Chair UP, SB ("How Chairs Pray [Old Man])

The Old Woman's Chair UP, SB (How Chairs Pray [Old Woman])

Outhouse UP

Pray for Me UP, SB

Summer Clean-up UP

Today I Turned Everything Around DG, SB

Weekend Friends UP

GAR The Gargoyle's Left Ear
ULB Until the Light Bends
UP Uncommon Prayer
LTR Learning to Ride
HB The Hummingbird Murders
DG Dark Galaxies
Deriva La Deriva del Pianeta (trans)
ULBGeode Until the Light Bends (CD)
Geode Geode Music & Poetry (CD)
SB SugarBeat Music & Poetry (CD)
N/S North/South
Pass Pass this way again
Scream The Scream: First Draft
WM Wordmusic (audiotape, CD on request)
WP Waging Peace
CV Convergence: Poems for Peace (includes CD)
Siolence Siolence: Poets on women
DGFire Dangerous Graces (script)

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