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Ottawa writer Susan McMaster, 2011-12 President of the League of Canadian Poets, is author or editor of some two dozen poetry books, recordings, and anthologies. She has performed her original wordmusic with First Draft, SugarBeat, and Geode Music & Poetry across Canada and on shows such as Morningside, As It Happens, WordBeat, Richardson's Roundup, and GO!

An organizer of many reading series, events, workshops, and publishing and mentoring opportunities, McMaster has also founded 3 magazines, notably Branching Out. She has served as a volunteer and board member for Ottawa Independent Writers, the Writers' Union of Canada, the League of Canadian Poets, Balmuir Press, Oscar, Arc and Quarry magazines, and the Tree and the AB reading series, and contributed to such publications as The Citizen and Maclean's. McMaster regularly serves on literary juries at the local, regional, and national levels. She is a lifelong collaborator with musicians, dancers, and artists in a range of media, and is a member of TWUC, the LCP, Pen Canada, Access Copyright, Public Lending Rights, Socan, and the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia.

Susan has studied at Free University North (Brian Flack, David Schleich, 1971-72), the University of Alberta (Douglas Barbour, W.O. Mitchell, 1972-73), Carleton University (Christopher Levenson, 1975-76), Canadore College (Miriam Waddington, 1978?), The Great Canadian Poetry Weekend (Collingwood, 1982), The Writers' Trust (1983?), the Ottawa Poetry Group (1975-1995), and the Poetry Colloquium at Sage Hill (Fred Wah, 2004). She continues to participate in formal and informal workshops and peer editing sessions. Her primary mentors were beloved friends Bronwen Wallace and bpNichol.

During two decades as a Senior Book Editor at the National Gallery of Canada, McMaster was the founding editor-in-chief of Vernissage magazine, and edited some 30 art catalogues and numerous related publications. With Sumac Writing & Editing, she has edited such volumes as Sanattiaqsimajut: Inuit Art from the Carleton University Art Gallery Collection (First Prize, Exhibition Catalogues, 2009 American Association of Museums Publications Design Competition, and Special recognition, Art Publication of the Year, Ontario Association of Art Galleries).

For more information, see: The Gargoyle's Left Ear: Writing in Ottawa (Black Moss 2007); Branching Out, 1973-1980: Canadian Second-Wave Feminism, Periodical Publishing and Cultural Politics (University of Alberta, 2010), by Tessa E. Jordan; "Viva!", by Diane Schmolka; and such websites as Wikipedia.

*Paper Affair: Poems Selected & New (Black Moss 2010), ISBN 978-0-88753-468-3
*Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer's, My Mother, and Me (Black Moss 2009, reprint 2010, poetry book), ISBN 978-0-88753462-1
*Ygdrasil: A Journal of the Poetic Arts, 16/5, no.181, May 2008, on-line or by going through the previous issues list on the main page at Ygdrasil, ed. Klaus J. Gerken, issue of McMaster's selected works 1981-2007, ISSN 1480-6401
*The Gargoyle's Left Ear: Writing in Ottawa (Black Moss, 2007, memoirs and poetry), ISBN 978-0-88753-443-0
*Until the Light Bends (Black Moss, 2004, poetry book, short list 2005 Ottawa Book Awards, Archibald Lampman Poetry Award), ISBN 0-88753-397-3
*La Deriva del Pianeta / World Shift, ed./trans. Ada Donati, poetry Susan McMaster (Schifanoia Editore, 2003), ISBN 88-87882-30-4
*Uncommon Prayer: A book of dedications (Quarry Press 1997, poetry bk), ISBN 1-55082-196-2
Learning to Ride (Quarry Press 1994, poetry bk) ISBN 1-55082-104-0
*The Hummingbird Murders (Quarry Press 1992, poetry bk), ISBN1-55082-048-6
Dark Galaxies (Ouroboros 1986, poetry bk, out of print), ISBN 0-920301-07-X
Seven poems (Ouroboros 1986, broadsheet, illustration and design by Claude Dupuis, out of print)

First Draft Scores (First Draft 1990), includes Pass this way again (FDS #2, music by Andrew McClure, for soprano, spoken voice, violoncello, and mixed chorus), and A vibora gosta do vento calor (FDS #3, music by Andrew McClure, for spoken voice and violoncello)
*North/South (Underwhich Editions 1987, ed. by bpNichol, wordmusic score bk with co-authors Colin Morton [poet] and Andrew McClure [composer], calligraphy and book design by Roberta Huebener, cover art by Susan Feindel, back cover photo by Alrick Huebener), ISBN 0-88658-054-4
The Spoken Voice as Musical Instrument (First Draft 1986, with Andrew McClure, essay reprinted from Open Letter)
*Pass this way again (Underwhich Editions 1983, ed. for the press by bpNichol, wordmusic score bk with co-author Andrew McClure [composer], art and book design by Claude Dupuis, back cover photo by John Flanders )

*1981 Wordmusic 2007 (2007, CD reissue of 1986 recording with additional tracks by SM with Colin Morton, Penn Kemp, Max Middle, David Broscoe, Jennifer Giles, Jamie Gullikson, Alrick Huebener, Rory Magill, and Linsey Wellman, for 26th anniversary celebration at Ottawa Public Library Main, 12 November 2007)
*Until the Light Bends: Geode Music & Poetry (Pendas Productions 2004, CD with Jennifer Giles [piano], Alrick Huebener [basses and guitar], Dave Broscoe [saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, effects], Mark Molnar ['cello, violon], Jamie Gullikson [percussion], John Higney [lap steel guitar], cover art by Marty Gervais, design by Gavin Stairs), ISBN 0-920820-70-0
*Geode Music & Poetry (Geode 2000, CD with Jennifer Giles [keyboards], Alrick Huebener [bass], Petr Cancura [saxophone], Mike Essoudry [drums], cover art by Roberta Huebener, design by AH), ISBN 0-9687191-0-4
*SugarBeat Music & Poetry(SugarBeat 1998, CD with Jennifer Giles [keyboards], Alrick Huebener [bass], cover art by Roberta Huebener, design by AH)
*Convergence: Poems for Peace (League of Canadian Poets 2001, 2-CD set recording complete reading of poems at Art Bar, Toronto, 12 December 2001), ISBN1-896216-16-1

Wordmusic (First Draft 1986, wordmusic audiotape with co-authors Colin Morton [poet], Peter Thomas [poet], and Andrew McClure [composer, 'cello], and performers Paula Quick [voice], Lynne Simpson [flute], Yasmine Malinowski [piano], audiotape, re-issued with additions as CD in 2007, see above) Things You'll Never Know: Selected poems and music from Crossing Arcs (recording with Jennifer Giles)

Pith & Wry: Canadian Poetry (Your Scrivener Press, forthcoming October 2010), ed., consulting ed. Roger Nash
*Sugar Mule: A Literary Magazine - The Canadian Issue (#33, 2009), on-line journal, ed. M. L. Weber, anthology of 36 living poets, Guest ed. McMaster
*Waging Peace: Poetry and Political Action, ed. (Penumbra Press 2002, poetry, coordinating ed. M.E. Csamer, book design by Marie Tappin, cover art by Betty Page, poetry, art, and essay anthology), ISBN 1-894131-37-1
Convergence: Poems for Peace, ed. (League of Canadian Poets 2001, with art director Betty Page, poemwrap design by Roberta Huebener, boxed broadside poetry and art anthology, out of print, CD available, see above under Recordings), ISBN1-896216-16-1
Siolence: Poets on Women, Violence and Silence, ed. (Quarry Press 1998, essay and poetry anthology, cover art by Marie Elyse St. George, illustrations by Heather Spears, book design by Susan Hannah), ISBN 1-550821-58-x
Bookware: Ottawa Valley Poetry, co-ed. with Colin Morton (Ottawa Valley Book Festival/Ottawa members of the League of Canadian Poets, 1994, poetry anthology with instant-printing poetry inserts from public), ISBN 1-89216-02-1
*Two Women Talking: Correspondence 1985-87, Erin Moure and Bronwen Wallace, ed. (Living Archives series of the Feminist Caucus of the League of Canadian Poets, 1993, essays and letters, cover art by Moure, copy ed. Patience Wheatley, book design by Neile Graham), ISBN 0-9690327-7-3
*Illegitimate Positions: Women & Language 1987, by Erin Moure, Suniti Namjoshi, Lola Lemire Tostevin, Penn Kemp, Margaret Christakos, Bronwen Wallace ed., series ed. Cathy Ford (Living Archives series of the Feminist Caucus of the League of Canadian Poets, 1992, essay anthology, cover art by Christakos, desk-top publishing by Louise Leblanc, keyboarding by Patience Wheatley, Micheline Ouellette), ISBN 0-9690327-6-5, ISSN 1188-8504
Dangerous Graces: Women's Poetry on Stage from Fireworks!, ed. (Great Canadian Theatre Company production 1986 with composer Andrew McClure, director Jennifer Boyes[-Manseau], published as a bk by Balmuir 1987, book design by Nancy Jensen, cover art and design by Claude Dupuis, Fireworks logo by Heather Walters, scripted poetry anthology, out of print), ISBN 0-919511-41-4
*Branching Out: The national feminist and arts magazine, founding ed. from 1973-75 (Edmonton, Women's Magazine Society, 1973-80, out of print, some archive copies available from author)

Desperately Seeking Susans (Oolichan, 2012), ed. Sarah Tsiang, ISBN 978-0-88982-287-0
Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace: Explorations in Canadian Women's Archives (Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2012), eds. Linda M. Morra and Jessica Schagerl, ISBN 978-1-55458-632-5
Our Lakes Shall Set Us Free, (Scrivener, 2012), ed. Roger Nash, intro. Margaret Atwood, ISBN 978-1-896350-57-8
I Feel Great about My Hands and Other Unexpected Joys of Aging (Douglas & McIntyre, 2011), ed. Shari Graydon, ISBN 978-1-55365-786-6
Regenerations (Black Moss, 2005), eds. Di Brandt and Barbara Godard, ISBN 0-88753-406-6
Soundings (Buschek Books, 2005), eds. Christopher Levenson and Brian Cameron, ISBN 1-894543-26-2
Twenty-five Years of Tree (Buschek Books, 2005), eds. James Moran and Jennifer Mulligan, ISBN 1-894543-31-9
100 Poets Against the War (Salt, 2003), ed. Todd Swift, ISBN 1-876857-98-6
*The Lunar Plexus (Pendas Productions 2002, sound poetry and wordmusic CD by author Penn Kemp, with SM and others), ISBN 1-894715-01-2
*Two Lips (Pendas Productions 2001, sound poetry and wordmusic CD by author Penn Kemp, with SM and Anne Anglin), ISBN 0-920820-35-2
The Scream: First Draft, The third annual group show (Ouroboros 1984, ed. Colin Morton, book design by Claude Dupuis with Carol English wordmusic, poetry, music, and art anthology with contributions by SM, out of print), ISBN 0-920301-04-5

SUMAC BOOKS (Sumac Press, Sumac Publications)
Tinaghi 1997, by Betty I.E. Page, edited by SM (2012, journal extract)

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