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Starting a Program in Windows 7

When I want to run a quick timer, such as SnapTimer, I don't want the extra confirmations that the Windows 7 security system insists on for a security check. Just the Timer please! Starting it from a Batch program skips the nagging confirmation. When you exit SnapTimer, the batch programs ends and closes too. The following Batch program named "Timer.bat" works in Windows 7.

Optionally, you may edit the batch window properties. Unclick "Let Windows position window". Then resize the window and hide it behind the timer. The only disadvantage of this procedure is you get two items in the taskbar instead of one.

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@ECHO off
ECHO Timer.bat - starts SnapTimer.

This batch program is a fast way to test a domain (ping is a Windows program and doesn't need a path). You don't have to to start a command window, then type the command correctly, and then exit. The PAUSE command allows you to read the results of the test. Type any key to exit.

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@ECHO off
ECHO Ping.bat - test a website domain 3 times
ping patdrummond.org -n 3
To get the program "path", right click on the shortcut (icon), select Properties, and copy the Target line. When you open the Properties box, it is highlighted already - simply type CTRL+C to copy it. Paste it into a text editor (Notepad) using CTRL+P. Save it as xxx.bat.
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