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"Sustainable" Tourism.

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Our project team can provide any municipality with advice on the development of Sustainable Tourism by analyzing various aspects of the city that both directly and indirectly are connected to promoting sustainable tourism. This analysis will be broken down as such:

i) Various transportation channels into the city such as: Road, Rail and Aircraft access.

ii) Analysis of various aspects that promote and support tourism such as:

Our Tourism Team cannot emphasize enough the importance of "INFORMATION" in the promotion, and development of a Sustainable Tourism Industry.

Don't make it


for Tourists and Business Travelers to find your region or to find services and important Tourism sites, but rather, make it


for Tourists to find you and to have access to a wide variety of Service and Tourism sites.


As well as doing a survey of existing conditions, the Project Team will also present prepared material on various examples of successful tourism in other parts of the world. This will include computer files, videos, maps and brochures. This material will be left with the Tourism department of the client for their use. Again, these are examples of providing INFORMATION to tourists to attract them to your region, and to have them RETURN to your region in the future.

The project team will also promote the development of Small and Medium Sized businesses (SME) for various segments of the tourism industry.  Tourism related business such as “Bed and Breakfast” and “small eating establishments” are prime sources for tourism development within the scope of SMEs.


"Sustainable" Transportation.

Our project team can also do an analysis of the city’s Light rail (Tram/streetcar) system and make recommendations for improvement if and where necessary. Sustainable Tourism requires an efficient transportation network that tourists can use to access various sites in a tourist region. One of the important methods of promoting sustainable development in tourism is through the use of efficient and high quality public transportation. Therefore, it is important to maintain and/or improve the city’s Light Rail system. Various elements of the Tram/Light Rail system will be surveyed such as:


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