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Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth

Ninth Generation


1013. Ella Shimp Diament Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Thomas Nicholas , Thomas Nicholas , James Nicholas , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 19 May 1902. She died on 23 Sep 1970 in Severna Park, Maryland. She was buried in 1970 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Woodlawn, Maryland.

Ella was a wonderful lady, a graduate nurse and I have very fond memories of her. She was always so nice to me and my father James.
Her husband James B. Crafton Jr., his mother and their son Richard were always the opposite. Being nice to us was not in their vocabulary, and they never failed to express their dislike for the Hollingsworth side of the family. James Crafton would even go as far as to rush into his bedroom and stay there until our visit had ended.
I always thought even as a child what a strange people he and his mother were. After Aunt Ella died I tried to keep in contact with my "Uncle Dick", but I found out at his death he miss took that as a ploy to get some of the Crafton valuables. He put in his will that I was not to recieve anything from the house etc. He was rotten even at the bitter end of his life, little did he know I wasn't looking for a damn thing.
What is really sad, there was an entire room filled with my grandparents things that were taken from the house in Westport after their death. My Aunt Ella would take me in there as a child and show me things that belong to her mother and father and tell me about them. There was hardly room to move around in the space, I remember many, many boxes of things, but one thing that stands out in my memory is my grandfather's black high hat. My would I love to root through that room now just for fun, just imagine the family memorabilia to be found.

Ella married James B. Crafton Jr. [scrapbook] son of James B Crafton Sr and Henrietta (maiden unk) Crafton. James was born on 27 Jul 1897. He died in Apr 1975 in Severna Park, Maryland.

They had the following children:

  1115 M i Richard Crafton [scrapbook] was born on 26 Nov 1922 in Baltimore. He died in Dec 1984 in Severna Park, Maryland.
        Richard married Mary Ellen Crafton.

1016. James Thomas Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Thomas Nicholas , Thomas Nicholas , James Nicholas , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 12 Sep 1908. He died in Aug 1992 in Laurel, Maryland.

James married (1) Emma Hoffman [scrapbook] daughter of Wiley Hoffman and Mollie Wholley in 1924. The marriage ended in divorce.Emma was born about 1908/1910. She died in 1956.

Robin Kearney says, "Although I do not remember Emma as she died when I was two, everyone who talked about her just loved her. Even my father loved his mother-in-law.

She would "come down from the city", and spend time with my mom and dad when Mom was pregnant with my older sister. Mom said they would sit around and play cards for hours. In those days my dad was a volunteer fireman in Rivieria Beach and when the siren rang Emma insisted on going with him.

Even Mom's cousins who are only 5-10 years older than me would remark how much fun she was. Her famous line was when they were kidding her she would lament "Im packing my drawers and going home." End of quote.

James and Emma had the following children:

+ 1116 F i June Pearl Hollingsworth was born on 21 Jun 1928. She died on 29 Sep 2000.

James married (2) Annette Rose Zelinski [scrapbook] daughter of Adam J. Zelinski and Myrtle Mary Montroy in 1934. The marriage ended in divorce.Annette was born on 23 Jul 1916 in St Louis, Mo.. She died on 4 Dec 1995 in Carroll County, Boring, Maryland. She was buried on 7 Dec 1995 in Druid Ridge Cemetery, Pikesville, Maryland.

Shortly after her son Thomas was born she went in the hospital with TB. Annette stayed for almost 12 years at Mount Wilson Hospital in Baltimore County where she met and married Hugh Freeman. Hugh owned the Pikesville Cab Company for many years before selling the business and settling down to their country home near Boring, Maryland. Annette and son Thomas's relationship was a strange one their entire lives, she never bonding with her son and Thomas not knowing how to react to her indifference to him and his family.

James and Annette had the following children:

+ 1117 M ii Thomas James Hollingsworth was born on 8 Jan 1935.

James married (3) Marion Martin in 1946 in Baltimore, Maryland. The marriage ended in divorce.

James married (4) Agnes Louise Kern [scrapbook] daughter of August Kern and Mary Ann Klaran about 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland. Agnes was born on 23 Jun 1916.

1017. Mrs Frank C.(Schiedt) Bateman (Martha Jane Hollingsworth , Thomas Nicholas , James Nicholas , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born about 1916.

She had the following children:

i 4 children unknown.

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