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Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth (born 1598), father of Valentine Sr.

and the County Wexford - Wicklow families.   Failte!

A Bit of Irish Quaker History

Some researchers think Henry was born in Ireland, England, or even Scotland.  Henry was listed in an English militia (as Hen Hollinworth) and could have gone as a member of the Ulster Plantation & Ulster-Scots to Ireland.

 This activity was arranged by the CROWN and the "undertakers" or landed gentry between 1609 - 1630 for the sole purpose of taking (stealing) the land from the Irish using any means such as murder and starvation.  Henry is listed in the 1630 muster roll for Onealland Barony, Ulster Plantation in County Armagh.

  Another fact in question is the maiden name of Henry's wife Kathryn, was she a Cornish or a Blacker?  This editor believes she was a Blacker, due to the close relationship between the two families, this fact still to be proven either way, and might never be known for sure.

 Here is a second opinion:
 "There is some speculation that Kathryn wife of Henry was a "Blacker" and that Valentine was named after her father Valentine Blacker.  I wonder if Valentine escaped with the "Blackers" and Henry and Kathryn died during the rebellion.....just a thought.  Maybe you will find some answers in Co. Wexford!" (John...of Giles...Valentine)


John Hollingsworth ..John..of Giles...Valentine,  has my sincere thanks and gratitude for finding Valentine's true official seal on his 2005 trip to Belfast PRNOI.  At this point our American cousins appear to not recogize the significants of this great discovery. 
In Ireland the Stag was one of the most ancient of charges and was regarded as the most handsome. The Stag represents the very ancestors of the Celtic race.

(Updated: July 8, 2007).........My DNA matches the family linked to Henry and my ancestor was most likely a brother to Valentine Sr.  Many years ago when I was first contacted by Harry Hollingsworth (Hollingsworth Register) I believed my family was from England based on the fact that Sgt James Nicholas Hollingsworth (Born 1811) claimed he was from Winwick and Warwick on two separate census. Recently it was found on his army enlistment papers he was from Ballycanew, Ireland.

There are two men believed to be brothers, the birth dates are close and the names used in the family are the same,  DNA has proven the two families are related and both lived in Ballycanew, County Wexford.  Samuel born 1767 and Nicholas born 1762

 The DNA match was made with Donald Page Hollingsworth in Edmonton, Alberta and Thomas James Hollingsworth, this links our two families, both having roots in Ballycanew, County Wexford.  I know by family tradition Sgt. James Hollingsworth's father was named Samuel because his first son was Samuel, his second son was named John after his grandfather, again tradition of the older families.

  Samuel's  brother was Nicholas born 1762 and is the proven connection to our Canadian cousins. Both Samuel born 1767 and Nicholas born 1762 named their first son John after their father, more proof of their relationship.

<> WELCOME to all my Canadian cousins.  An old Irish toast. "May you be in heaven before the devil knows you are dead." Author UNK

New Wexford DNA Test Upgrade Results:  April 3, 2007  (by John of Giles....of Valentine)
Don Hollingsworth descendant of Nicholas Hollingsworth, b. 1762 Ballinakill, County Wexford, d. 1826, Ballycanew, County Wexford, Ireland received his 67 marker test upgrade results and matched ........

Thomas James Hollingsworth of James (b. 1811) of Ballycanew, County Wexford, Ireland who also received the results of his 67 marker test upgrade.  Thomas and Don matched 37/37 and 66/67 markers.  Thomas matched our Valentine lineage ancestral signature 35/37 and 64/67 markers.

We believe James (b.1811) and Nicholas (b. 1762) are descendants of an unidentified brother, uncle or cousin of Valentine, Sr. that did not migrate to America with Valentine or possibly migrated from England later.   (After going to England to escape the rebellion during the middle to late 1600s.)
There appears to be a recognizable difference between these Co. Wexford Hollingsworth descendants and the Co. Armagh Hollingsworth descendants since Don and Thomas seem to share three possible unique marker mutations when compared to the Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. lineage apparent ancestral signature.

Compared to the "Apparent Ancestral Signature of Valentine Sr."  (Tom:   25/25     35/37     64/67)    (Don:    25/25    35/37     63/67)



                      1878 Brooklyn, New York                              1897 Millville, New Jersey                        About 1927-1928 Millville, New Jersey
                  Ten years after arrival in Boston.                         Same family 19 years later.                         About 1925 Millville, New Jersey


      Large picture of St. Mogue's Church                     Large picture of cemetery                            Picture of alter & 1700s chalice

This is  a link to pictures of Ballycanew, some old some new.  Ballycanew Pictures

Vestry Book of St. Mogue's Church, Parish of Ballycanew, County Wexford, Ireland 1760-1819.  Vestry Book PDF file

Society Website,  Descendants of  VALENTINE Hollingsworth, Sr. of New Castle, DE - (b. 1632) Ireland lineage:                                     

Hollingsworth DNA Project Newsletter (MSWord file) Thanks to John & Doug Hollingsworth: July 8, 2007

Wonderful 24/7 Irish internet music:

Thanks to the following generous contributors of family history.

Harry Hollingsworth :  Editor of the Hollingsworth Register  (Posthumously)            Clarence Miller Hollingsworth   (Posthumously)
Donald Page Hollingsworth                                                                                    Catherine Hollingsworth Murdock
Donna Hollingsworth Hocking                                                                                Betty Hollingsworth Sefcilk
Diane Hollingsworth Anderson                                                                               Elayne Hollingsworth Fitzner
Dolores Langley Solberg                                                                                        John Hollingsworth  (John of Giles........of Valentine)
Sheila Sue Cannon Justice                                                                                      Doug Hollingsworth
Thomas Edgar Hollingsworth                                                                                  Jo Hollingsworth & Simon Hollingsworth (Where did our ancestors come from?)

Possible Henry Hollingsworth origin theory by Harry Hollingsworth in his "Hollingsworth Register",
Volume Two, December 1966, that can't be set aside as not plausible.   Another Clue

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                                                                        One of the many patriots that gave his life for freedom of all Irish.     Patrick Henry Pearse (1879-1916)

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