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Nunavut, Canada
significant events in the development of Canada's newest Territory

1961 to 1970

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Expanded version based on "Nunavut an annotated bibliography", by E. Simpson, L. Seale, R. Minion. Edmonton: Canadian Circumpolar Institute and University of Alberta Library.1994.

1961 First exploratory drilling in the High Arctic on Melville Island.

1962 September 27  Conservative government Throne Speech indicates intent to introduce measures to provide greater self-government leading to the creation of new provinces in North.

1963 May 21  Liberal government introduces legislation (never implemented) proposing the division of the Northwest Territories into the Mackenzie and Nunassiaq Territories.

1963 Fulltime Commissioner of NWT appointed.

1965 Dean A.W.R. Carrothers appointed by federal government to head an advisory Commission on the development of the Northwest Territories" (Carrothers Commission).

1966 Carrothers Commission advises against partition of the Northwest Territories for next 10 years. Two federal constituencies are created.

1966 Northwest Territories Council abolishes the Arctic Islands Game Preserve (AIGP) to bring the area within the same legislative framework as the Northwest Territories.

1967 Northwest Territories Council moved from Ottawa to Yellowknife.

1969 Nisga'a of British Columbia go to court for a declaration that their title to land has never been surrendered by Treaty or otherwise extinguished.

1969 Federal government White Paper on Indian Policy, "At Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy,"  recommends repeal of Indian Act and abolition of all legal distinctions between Indians and non-Indians.

1969 December  Lloyd Barber appointed as Indian Claims Commissioner to receive and study Indian grievances and claims, and to recommend measures to be taken by the government to resolve them.

1970 September 25 The Committee for Original Peoples' Entitlement (COPE) incorporated to express concerns about aboriginal rights.

1970 Indian Brotherhood of the Northwest Territories established to deal with concerns about Treaties 8 and11.


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