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East of Cypress                                                              The March Wait

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Statement (e/p)

Introduction (e)



text: about life on the Bench and about prairie sounds (p)

text: about the leaving of two high school boys (f)

text: about open spaces and overpowering solitude (p)

text: about a road accident (f)

text: about the conversation

text: about little controversies (f)

text: about the medical clinic (f)

text: about a horse and a death (p/f)

text: about young girls and working part-time (f)

text: about Chimney Coulee(f/e)

text: about before big ranch settlements of 1890s (e/p)

Postscript: about freewill limited by landscape (p/e)


References and related free historical resources (.pdf): lists


(e=editorial commentary  p=published text  f=fiction)


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