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Paper August 27, 2009: ALBERTA MÉTIS: LAND AND RELIEF. 1900 to 1950. By Denis Wall, PhD. DWRG Edmonton and Ottawa. Edited by Sharon Skage, Edmonton, AB. Research supported by Métis Nation of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Paper prepared for Medicine Hat Métis hunting rights in Alberta. Court case 2009-2012.

Paper 2009: "Identity boundary: Alberta Métis in the 1930s" for and distributed to the Mini-Conference on ethnogenesis sponsored by CHA - Carleton University, May 26, 2009

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» 2008

The Alberta Métis Letters

Review and Annotations of the 1930-40 letters and reports (371) by Joseph Dion, Malcolm Norris, James Brady (jr.), Peter Tomkins (jr.) - the Métis Executive - politicians, bureaucrats, and others involved in the development of the first Alberta Métis Policy that resulted in the Alberta Métis Settlements.

» 2002    "Where Do You Live? a photo essay." NewWest Review, 27.1. p. 36-40.

 2000        "Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: The Cases of Nunavut and the Alberta Métis Settlements." In Visions of the Heart: Canadian Aboriginal Issues.  Eds.  D. Long and O.P. Dickason.  Toronto: Harcourt Brace. Second Edition. (Chapter 6, p. 143-165)

»  1996        "The NWT School Relationships Survey: 1995/96." Technical Report and Public Summary.  Yellowknife:  NWT Department of Education, Culture, and Employment. 65p.

  2001      "The Nunavut Curriculum and Resource Strategic Plan." Technical report for the Department of Education, Nunavut.  D. Wall Research Group. (52 pages plus research paper appendices)

» Nunavut timeline 1763-1999

 1998        "Conducting community interviews: a training curriculum. Nunavut High School Version".  Curriculum developed with Severson Consulting in Edmonton for the Kitkmeot and other NWT school boards.

 1998     " Securing Northern Futures: Community Research Partnerships." Editors D. Wall, et. al.. Canadian Circumpolar Institute, U of A.

 1995        "What's Happenin' in Alberta Schools. A Survey of Incidents of Violence: from the principals' perspectives." Public Monograph. Edmonton: DWRG.  50p.

 1993        "Issues in the Organization of Distance Teacher Training in Mathematics and the Sciences."  In Perspectives on Teacher Education.  Vancouver: Commonwealth of Learning.  (p. 35-50).

 1993        "Issues in Aboriginal Public Schooling in Alberta."  In Human Ecology: Issues in the North V. II. Eds. R. Riewe and J. Oakes.  Edmonton: Canadian Circumpolar Institute.  (p. 21-34)

 1992        "Thoughts on the theory of community and distance education: the significance for maintenance and sustainability of development programs."  In Distance Education and Sustainable Community Development.  Eds.  D. Wall and M. Owen. Edmonton: Canadian Circumpolar Institute and Athabasca University Press. (p. 1-10).

 1992        Distance Education and Sustainable Community Development.  Eds.  D. Wall and M. Owen. Edmonton: Canadian Circumpolar Institute and Athabasca University Press.  A book of readings on distance education in remote and northern communities throughout Canada as well as papers on Nigeria and Botswana.

 1992        "Sustainable Development and Shifting the Locus of Control in Indian Education: an Alberta Case."  Cape Town: University of the Western Cape.  15p. (Lectures at both University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape.)

 1991        "The Secondary and Post-Secondary Needs of Native Students: Report Summary" Edmonton: Prepared by the Advanced Education/Education Interdepartmental Committee on the Transition Needs of Native Students.  Edmonton, February 1991.  (D. Wall, R. Westwood, Co-Chairs).

 1990        "Multiculturalism: a principled approach".  Policy Options, V. 11(8).   P. 24-26.

 1990       "Alberta Government Native Policy: A Descriptive Review."  Research Paper produced for the Alberta Advisory Committee on Educational Studies. 52p.


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