Laurie-Annís e-mail correspondence during her time away in UK, Pakistan, UK again.
Not so many from Pakistan itself due to tight schedule and less access to a computer.

15 Dec 07

I'm around the corner from my little apartment in an internet cafe having a latte and 
scone.  English keyboard is crazy to type on.  Anyway barely made the plane to London 
last night, the flight from Ottawa arrived over an hour late.  So I ran.  Good exercise 
I guess. Anyway, bags arrived safely, I took the Heathrow Connect train (ie not express) 
to Paddington Stn for £6.90, then a taxi from there, since I just couldn't handle the 
bags at that point.  Did pretty well considering.

Arrived at apartment 20 minutes early so they gave me a free drink coupon for the bar 
and I had a glass of Jacob's Creek Shiraz and listened to the lonely bartendress from 
Slovakia named Betty.  I'm about to pick up groceries for my few days here to save money 
since I have a microwave and fridge.

Left luggage is more expensive than the Heathrow site said it would be - but still need 
to use the service.  Maybe will leave garment bag in Pakistan,but I hope not since I 
really like that bag.

Going to Holy Trinity Brompton tomorrow morning and meeting up with Allison.  All else 
is well other than the expense, but we know England is expensive. 

I'm in Rm 218.

16 Dec 07

It was a special service at Holy Trinity Brompton this Sunday - it was a 'Christmatingle' 
service where they have a candle stuck in a clementine/satsuma with marshmallows. It was 
a kid's service, jam packed. Was greeted well by locals.  Didn't get to talk to 
Nicky Gumbel but did talk with Nicky Lee, he sends his greetings, he remembers us.  
Told him about taking alpha course in two languages, was excited, although he asked 
me if it was in secret, and I said, well yes, apart from the Christian community who 
is receiving them.  Got a new course based on Challenging Lifestyles, I know we'll get 
another cheap dvd player or use the computer. 
Also got the Alpha talks on CR ROM - its the Alpha talks for speakers! 
They also have seniors Alpha, picked up the intro information on that. Was given a few 
Why Christmas new versions for free and have one new Why Jesus - they changed that too.

Had a lovely time with Allison!  She's coming to Ottawa possibly in the summer, would 
love to take her to dinner. My little kitchenette is working out just fine, so apart 
from the pub with Allison I've not been in restaurants.

Since left luggage cost went up I decided to combine the dress and coat into your 
suitcase and leave the garment bag in my suitcase in left luggage.  That way I'll have 
less room to bring back gifts from PK (!) and we keep that lovely garment bag.  I also 
have some pastes for you - both salmon and crab.  Let me know if there is anything else, 
but then you'll be in London in March anyway.

Its cold here, but still manageable, so I brought the right coat. 
Tommorrow I will wheel your suitcase back to Paddington and leave in left luggage there 
so I can meet up with it again on Tuesday on the way to Heathrow.  Its just too hard 
with two bags, since yours doesn't have the handle and big wheels.  You will have to 
use mine in PK since it is easier to manoeuvre.

Missing you.  Allison says hi.  I'm off to Marks and Sparks shortly to pick up something 
to microwave for dinner - I didn't like the Sainsbury's at Paddington too much since it 
is really small and doesn't have that much selection.  All the same, I had a lovely 
Cornish pastie that I microwaved.


17 Dec 07

Not feeling well today - got period and I'm on the day when I don't feel well, with 
jetlag and cold in full bloom, although Cold FX is helping a lot. I rested most of the 
day and decided to book a taxi at the hotel to take me to Paddington at 11:15 am.  
Then I will take Heathrow Connect and take my bags from trolley point to trolley point.  
I'll manage somehow, but wished I had bought a replacement for your suitcase at CAA - 
saw a Pullman there that was the same size and very light, but was concerned that would 
bother you.

Marks and Sparks closed early last night so I went to Sainsburys for my dinner.  All 
is well that way.  Will pick up some chocolate for Mike since Dianne is getting the 
necklace for Christmas.  Don't think Dianne has high speed Tony. Allison tells me 
that highspeed here isn't that good.  

Haven't really worked on any talks here, London is more for a rest and to meet with 
Allison, Dianne/Mike and go to HTB.  I read the Senior Alpha intro - very interesting.  
And hehehe  HTB still had lots of stuff when I left...

I miss you, I think you would have liked this little apartment, same size as the one 
in NYC but a different shape.  

I'm glad you enjoyed the IG party.  Glad Lynn and Marian were looking out for you.  
Do they want me to bring back more Solpadeine, or are they ok? 

Love L-A
18 Dec 07

Sorry you weren't feeling well y'day, and I hope you are better today for the flight.  
This is just a short note.  Salem Storehouse called to say they have The Nativity Story 
in for you.  I know you had wanted to take it to Pakistan.  Do you still want me to pick 
it up?
- Tony

Yes, please pick it up for me.  You can always give it to Faisal in March.
Had trouble getting here today but left in really good time.  Taxi to Paddington was 
more expensive than expected.  The gap between the Heathrow Connect train and Platform 12 
at Paddington was really high.  No help offered or given. Had a nice dinner of Italian 
starters with Mike and Dianne, we didn't get to their flat.  Mike said I was naughty for 
not staying with them, so I said next time.  It would have been really hard getting two 
suitcases up 3 flights of stairs.

It was too early to check in at Etihad, but I did take the other suitcase to left luggage 
at Arrivals, and read a few newspapers while waiting so I don't get charged extra on Jan 3. 

Pray for me that Etihad gives me no problem with this overweight bag, and I hope its under 
30 kg.  Tony, you really need to get a better bag, this one has holes now, but not serious 
enough at the moment.  

Hope your day has been good so far.  Pray, pray, pray and I will email you again from 
Faisal's if not before at Abu Dhabi airport.

Love L-A
Tony, guess what?  I was sent away early by an Etihad worker, got to the check in desk 
five hours beforehand since I had no where to go.  Was advised to get a coffee and come 
back at 4:40.  I came back at 5, and there was a big lineup.  So this lady sees me again, 
and pulls me over to the first class check-in where I am not charged for the overweight 
bag at all.
Yeah!  That is definitely God, and I expected to pay more, but perhaps they bumped me up 
to pearl class or gold class from coral class.  That would be wonderful, but I am already 
incredibly thankful to the Lord for saving me this worry.  I managed to even pack my own 
makeup and jewellery in the bag staying in England rather than the one to Pakistan.  Most 
of the stuff is not for me, but Faisal messaged me on Facebook and told me that if I'm 
short for anything not to worry about it. They'll even henna my hands for the Bride of 
Christ talk and get someone to give me a shoulder massage if I need it.

Speaking of my shoulder, people's prayers are kicking in, it feels better than it has for 
a long time, now its just the bad virus/tummy upset/slight jet lag, and I have that 
overnight flight to Abu Dhabi... will try to see if I can book some hours rest in the 
transit hotel for my return so I'm not too tired to enjoy Lindisfarne.

Also Tony, Terminal 3 has been remodelled - new stores and restaurants, so Thornton's 
is gone, but then I don't need candy anyway do I?

Will email you (and Lorna will email you/the prayer group) in Lahore.

Love, Laurie-Ann

19 Dec 07
Hi Lorna

Have made it to London Heathrow, had little help with bags but took my time. Most of my 
own stuff is staying here in London at left luggage to reduce as much as possible what 
I'm taking to Lahore.  Even then my bag will be overweight, am praying that it is under 
30 kg so they allow it with extra $. Am waiting to check in, Etihad won't allow early 
check-in, so found this internet cafe... very handy. Am feeling a little bit better, but 
the monster cold that keeps coming back has become a whopper virus and only Cold FX and 
lots of sleep (yesterday) is  helping ward it off.  It makes me not feel like eating much.  
Anyway, had a lovely time with Tony's sister and brother in law - kind of like a family 
Christmas - and apparently Tony's mum is even more in her dementia like world than she was 
in March, so I feel better about not staying with her during those three nights, but was 
teased that I should have stayed with other relatives rather than this neat little place.  
I'm not sorry - it was not that far from things and easy to get to Holy Trinity Brompton, 
and I could sleep longer.

Have been confirmed by Faisal about my arrival in Lahore, and they promise to take good 
care of me, may need to lessen the schedule a bit if health pushes it.

Hope you got dug out OK from the storm on the weekend! Was thinking of you.

Love Laurie-Ann

21 Dec 07
Hi Lorna and team :)

I arrived in Lahore two nights ago, and have been pretty busy despite jet lag, and a 
tummy bug.  Will hopefully get some herbal medicine for that, the cold hasn't been that 
bad even with the pollution.

Last night I had an extra talk, which was interesting, and they've had me do lots of 
pastoral care, distribution of Christmas gifts to 'gypsies', report cards to school 
children, Urdu Bibles to pastors.  I am to give the living water talk tomorrow, I was to 
do it today but that was postponed due to more emergency pastoral care.

We need to really pray for a family that is blind - the parents have lost 3 children to 
early death and the fourth is blind, but in a way that can be restored if operated in 
within 6 months.  The boy's name is Aqeel (candle in Urdu).  His dad has a soft heart but 
is questioning and grieving, and saying "why did God allow this, what have I done wrong" 
 And of course there are no pat answers to this, otherwise to give him an answer like that 
would be like Job's so called comforters. It was a special time that I had with this 
family and all of the Lahore NEWS outreach team are touched by their plight and giving 
what they can.

I also went to the orphanage yesterday and they moved to a better location that is rented.  
So the funds will be used for food, rent, schooling for one month.  All the children and 
girls and they loved the maple candy I brought them.

Still am not sleeping as I would like, it is very loud in that area of Lahore, and 
Faisal's family home is across the street from a mosque. And... it is the Muslim Eid 
right now, a huge holiday for Pakistan...

Will communicate as I can.  Thanks so much for continuing to pray.  I get more Pakistani 
outfits tomorrow, God willing, before I am off to DI Khan on the Indus River on Sunday.

Love from Laurie-Ann
aka Sister Ann aka L-A

29 Dec 07
Dear intercessors

Shortly after I sent you a prayer update (on December 27th) Benazir Bhutto was killed in 
Rawalpindi.  We are in the middle of three days of national mourning where nearly 
everything is shut down.  Many people are quite upset, especially in her home province of 
Sind, which is usually a more volatile area than Lahore.  Even here, some people are 
burning tires in protest.  I have kept a low profile and am staying in Faisal's family 
home safely - its a bit boring that way but we're making the best of it.  We are changing 
the schedule to include me speaking at Faisal's church - St Paul's in Gulberg III on 
Sunday morning then on late Sunday night when the petrol pumps open we will drive to 
Khanewal and later to Shantinagar.  I did not want to sacrifice this part of the mission, 
it was too important.  

I had originally planned to spend a day with Tony's son and daughter-in-law in Islamabad 
on January 1, but that will be changed now, partly since they aren't available, partly 
because I would only be returning from south-west Punjab province.

The elections may be postponed now since Benazir's party is now missing their leader, 
but we will see how that goes.  Everyone has been very kind here, and although I was 
sick with serious dysentery, this has been cured by strong medicine from Faisal's brother 
Yasser (who is a doctor), and now he is treating a chest infection from my cold and the 
mix of Lahore pollution. It is very polluted here.

So I plan to give the Bride of Christ talk at St Paul's on Sunday as well as Khanewal and 
Shantinagar has its own talk - since it was the scene of tremendous persecution in 1997.  
The whole village has been rebuilt and I am eager to see it.

So otherwise things are going well, I am treated with honour, and have had lots of rest.

Love to you all

2 Jan 08, via Facebook
Re: Won't be much longer in PK

Lynn fell and broke her arm?  That's horrible.  Did she fall on the ice?

Yes I am safe in Abu Dhabi airport, left Lahore without much of a problem, and Faisal was 
out a lot of the day trying to get certain gifts for me. My suitcase was 21.8 kg which was 
OK.  Bobby and Shumaila gave me beautiful green material and Faisal had it made into 
another shalwar kameez for me. I have quite a few now.  The bishop gave me a sweater 
which I did not have a chance to try on, and Yasser gave me four boxes of joshanda.  
Yasser makes me laugh and I've repented of my attitude towards doctors.  

I might even see some snow in Newcastle or Lindisfarne, but possibly not. I'm running 
out of room so will add more later. I love you and wish you were here with me, but I 
know you're needed to start this church. 
- L-A

I had the Yaqoob family and Habib (fav translator) pray about Kenya, esp. since I've 
mentioned this country so much in my talks. I did read that message that you forwarded 
from Bp John.  Seems Kenya and Pakistan have a lot in common right now. Both can flare 
up at a moment's notice when it comes to politics.

Luo and Kikuyu?  Interesting since their tribal lands don't really intersect but maybe 
its to do with political supporters.  The Kikuyu are typically the more 'prosperous' 
farmers although they grow tea in both regions. 

I didn't sleep much here, was just too noisy, but did see clips of riots going on in 
Kenya on BBC World news. 
Love L-A

3 Jan 08
Dear intercessors

It was quite a time in Pakistan.  The day in Khanewal and Shantinagar (where there was a 
persecution in 1997 that burned down 1500 homes plus churches, schools etc) went very 
well despite lots of people not being able to come to the second 'rally' in Shantinagar 
due to the shut down of transport in the area.  People were also still upset about 
Benazir Bhutto's assassination (naturally) so stayed in.  However, all who came to 
either service were blessed.  I believe there were a few healings as well, but I have 
to confirm this.

There was a strong possibility that Shantinagar would be cancelled, since one of the 
pastors said that because of what happened to Benazir some were blaming the US (strange). 
Anyway, he said that although I'm from Canada, they would think I'm American. So I smiled 
and said that calling a Canadian an American is like calling a Pakistani an Indian.  
That got a smile out of him... I have no idea why the US gets blamed for things that 
they had nothing to do with but I guess that's life in Pakistan, as much as the horrible 

I also had some extra talks that were given to me since plans to meet with family in 
Pakistan fell through.  So I basically worked quite hard on this mission, other than 
being sick for some of the time.  Yasser, the doctor in my host family blessed me many 
times with doctorly advice, medicine and encouragement to rest. Due to this, I had non 
spicy food in that household which was nice, because otherwise the food was fire engine 
hot.  I likely have lost weight. 

I have been asked to come back to Pakistan again, although do not find this likely for 
a few years. My work in bringing the Alpha course and good teaching is done for the moment. 

My next leg of the journey is to London (I'm at the Abu Dhabi airport right now) and 
then on to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Lindisfarne Holy Island for a private retreat. 
Please pray that I receive from God in this place, since I gave all I had in Pakistan. 

Will be back in Canada on Sunday night and have an insane schedule with work at 
Anglican Renewal Ministries, so will need continued prayers for health and stamina. 

Blessings to you all and happy new year!
Love, Laurie-Ann

3 Jan 08

Hi Faisal (cc'ed to Tony due to short time)

I'm in London now, I had some problems with my bag. Someone took my fancy Canadian flag 
off my suitcase so I had to identify it by the luggage keys!  Also some of the herbal 
medicine leaked onto the red shalwar kameez so I will  have to wash it possibly at a dry 
cleaners when I come back to Canada, that's why I was concerned about glass bottles in 
suitcases.  No serious damage though.  I didn't get any sleep in Abu Dhabi so I'm really 
jet lagged but managed to go from one London terminal to another with little problems 
when I asked for help.  Have a big headache but cough seems a bit better, and tell Yasser 
that the Cipro worked ok so I don't have dysentery anymore.

Tony, I am ok otherwise and am looking forward to rest and time with God in Newcastle 
and Lindisfarne; I just wish it was better weather.

4 Jan 08 Ė Newcastle on Tyne
Hi Tony

The Georgie accent is delightful although I have to listen really hard to understand.  

I've enjoyed my first night here, was really quiet and I even wheeled my suitcase directly 
to the airport myself since it was so close.  Too close to take a taxi since its right 
across from the airport parking lot.

People are friendly here, although a bit slow service wise but it is a slow time of year 
I guess.  It snowed here last night and they are treating it as a big thing

Please pray that everything works out OK with the tides and taxi.

I can't access Facebook on this computer; its blocked, but can still access webmail.  
Will send you another e-mail Saturday night if I can.

Love L-A
5 Jan 08
Hi Tony

Back from Lindisfarne. Alan (my taxi driver) also gave me a night tour of Newcastle on an 
unofficial whirlwind tour.  I definitely want to come back and see it in daylight.  The 
city is impressive - its not dirty at all but they've cleaned it up and have lots of 
cutting technology/engineering and arts.
You may not recognize it if you see it.  Walked over the new Gateshead Millenium bridge 
that is a real engineering marvel.  Quite an engineering city in many ways as well as 
history. I also had sunny weather for Lindisfarne although it was cold.

Also just checked the Air Canada flight and it arrives at 17:40 pm - Air Canada 889 from 
London Heathrow.  I think originally it was to come in earlier than that, so this lets 
you know now that its a bit later (leaves at 3 pm London time).  My flight from Newcastle 
is early so I have time to transfer and pick up my other bag.

***Please tell Lynn that I'm having GREAT difficulty finding a large pharmacy or large 
Boots that carry Solpadeines in the north.****  By the time I saw one in downtown 
Newcastle it was closed. Also I asked at London Heathrow on Thursday but they only had 
the little stores that didn't carry much. So I've really tried.  If she had asked when 
I was in London (ie the first few days of the trip) it would have been no problem since 
I was in central London.  I also have not seen any Thornton's other than the one in 
central Newcastle, again it was closed when I saw it.  You can get Lynn some Solpadeines 
in Chislehurst when you're there in March, you remember where the Chemist was, just down 
the road from Sainsbury's.

Shops in Lindisfarne were mostly closed other than the Priory (open only 2x a week in the 
winter, but was open today).  I found the locals were very friendly, curious about me 
and Ottawa etc.  And people here in Newcastle are friendly too.  I don't have that much 
trouble with the Geordie accent now except for the bartender who has served me a sandwich 
and cider twice (Woodpecker).  Did I tell you that a friend of the driver bought me a half 
pint of Holy Island real ale.  It actually was nice, although I drank cider after that.

I need to go to bed now, will be leaving the hotel before 5:30 for the shuttle. Looking 
forward to seeing you and please pray that I have the energy for wheeling bags/repacking 
at Heathrow.

Love L-A 
6 Jan 08
Hi Tony

I'm at Heathrow 3, checked in my bags early (one was 23 kg, other was 21kg) and haven't 
gone through security yet.  I checked more pharmacies in the departures at Newcastle and 
arrivals at Heathrow 1 and 3, no luck. However, the Boots in Heathrow 3 departures had 
just two boxes, which I got for Lynn.  Please tell Lynn she's very lucky and I searched 
hard for these! I also got other ones for me earlier that are in ziploc bags to save room. 

I did not get you any herbal creams from UK - you said not to, and you can also find in 
Chistlehurst at the chemist.

I hope Over My Head went well at CKCU today (was it your turn?) and that prison Alpha is 
going well.  I really appreciate that the guys have been praying for me.  I got a 
touching message from Faisal on Facebook about how the many people I've ministered to
 have been touched and they are asking for me.

Going through security soon.

From: Copple, Tony 
To:  Al Clarkson, Gloria Stafford, Rose Howell, Jean Gallant, Pat Horsey, 
Philippa Wilson,Kim David, Ron Piggott, Jane Jones, Pat Varcoe, Brenda Desrochers, 
Carol Zachar, hustpean (?), Lynn Williams, Heather Colls, Fthr John Bridges, Lorna Brule, 
Patricia Birkett, Alex Cheatley, James Copple 

Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2008 8:24 PM
Subject: L-A home!
Delighted to report to all you prayers and supporters that Laurie-Ann is safely home and 
looking extraordinarily well.  All she wanted was a trip to Tim Hortons.

It has been an honour to report her progress to you all these weeks.  She has all sorts
 of stories to tell.  Remember the blind boy Aqeel?  He is going to get his operation.
Thank you all so much for your Godly interventions.

Love, Tony     

Tony Copple
61 Highmont Court, Kanata, ON, K2T 1B2

Pakistan 07