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March 10, 1998

From: Carole Burton[]
Sent: March 3, 1998 1:01 AM
Subject: Anglicans for Renewal Magazine

Hello! Am wondering if you have heard of this magazine- since the Anglican church is similar to ours, and faces many of the same struggles. Four issues per year, $10 .

Also, have you all heard of the ***Essentials*** movement within the Anglican Church in Canada- to uphold the basics of the Christian faith- in the face of the same ultra-liberal issues which threaten to dominate in our denomination? They held a major conference in Montreal, 1994, with 700 present, then held one-day area conferences across Canada over the next 3 years, and now this month they are observing National Essentials Day all across Canada.

This is sponsored jointly by the 3 Canadian Anglican renewal groups- Barnabas Ministries (evangelical but not charismatic), Anglican Renewal Ministries (charismatic- but charismatic Anglicans are quite BALANCED, in my opinion), and the Prayer Book Society (conservative- generally neither evangelical nor charismatic- but certainly not in favor of Bishop Spong etc.!)

Anglican Renewal Ministries (NOT the Essentials Council) also holds Leadership Training Institutes yearly- one for clergy, and one for lay leaders- in various parts of Canada. The next clergy LTI is to be held April 19-24 at the Entheos Centre in Calgary. (Renewal-minded clergy in the UC might benefit from attending one of these!)

Carole Burton

PS We have recently purchased the Alpha videos- though retired, we hope to use them to the glory of Jesus our Lord, in our area, plus introduce them to other renewal-minded UC's here in Nfld. Bless those RENEWED Anglicans! I admire their commitment, comprehensive approach to issues, and BALANCE. (Rev.) Nicky Gumbel, who does the teaching on the Alpha videos, is REALLY worth hearing! As Tony Copple and Gail Reid have noted (after attending Alpha courses), Nicky's faith in Jesus Christ [coupled with his fine personality and keen mind] is a welcome contrast to Bill Phipps!


From: OTS Student Council[] Sent: March 11, 1998 4:54 PM
To: Copple, Tony
Subject: Bill Phipps paper

Thank you Tony for your website. I am an OTS student with UCC background and am doing a paper on Phipps and responses for my apologetics paper. Last semester I also did a paper for Victor Shepherd on the renewal and reform groups within UCC.

Perhaps I will see you at Faithfulness Today V - I am going with my mother, who still attends Humber Valley UC, where I grew up.

In Christ

Laurie-Ann Zachar

[Webmaster's note. This was the first time I ever heard from Laurie-Ann. This e-mail led to lots of e-correspondence, which led to our meeting in June 1998. Our engagement followed in August 1998! The moral of this story: God works in mysterious e-ways.]


From: (Carole Burton)
Subject: Spitzer
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 15:27:26 -0800

Tony- Did you by any chance see Fr. Robert Spitzer on CBC Newsworld Monday past (9th)? He was on just before Gail came on Vision- I just happened to catch him. He is really something- a KEEN mind, and seems to such a balanced person, plus a deeply committed Christian. Since you had posted an article by him on your faith site, I thought you'd be interested in hearing about this- in case you didn't see him yourself, that night. Did you ever hear him in person?

Carole B.


From: ("Mark & Lorraine Fearnall")
Subject: "Judicial Committee decides it has no authority to rule on United Church doctrine"
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 15:20:33 -0500


Just thought some of you might like to know that Don Anderson's appeal will not even be heard by the judicial committee of the United Church.

According to an Ottawa Citizen article (title in subject line) released today the judicial committee said is "has no authority to declare what is doctrine and what is not doctrine of the United Church of Canada". [I don't think this article is available at their web-site but I haven't checked yet].

I am personally a little baffled by all this. If they can't make a judgement on this, then who does? [They can - TC] If still up, the United Church web-site claims that the 1940 document is also a "standard" of doctrine like the Basis of Union. Peter Wyatt wrote this article, and he feels it is accurate (I had some correspondence with him last week about that).

Because I am concerned about this, I wrote Virginia Coleman and asked who does decide doctrine? I am waiting for a reply. Virginia has been good about answering other email of mine, so I hope to get some sort of response.



From Wayne Willson]
Sent: March 11, 1998 8:59 PM
Subject: Re: Faithfulness Today V

Hi Mark and all,

I've been asleep at the wheel !! Actually I skipped this email at first because I thought it was an announcement. Just got around to it this evening.

Faithfulness Today is a great event and details for this year can be found at:

The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Edith Humphrey "And every knee shall bow..".- Knowing the Son in a Pluralist Age

Deadline for early registration is March 31.

Other details on Program, Sessions, Background on Speakers, Accommodation possibilities, and print out registration info.

Hope to see you there

May 1 & 2 FAITHFULNESS TODAY V" Jesus Christ for the Twenty-First Century"
Place: Hamilton Convention Centre, 115 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario
Sponsored by Communityof Concern, in association with Church Alive and The National Alliance of Coventanting Congregations.

In Christ,