Appeal disallowed

Sent: March 14, 1998 12:42 PM
By: Tony Copple
Subject: Don Anderson's Appeal

Don Anderson's appeal will not even be heard by the judicial committee of the United Church. "The Judicial Committee Executive has made a Decision to refuse to hear the Appeal because it does not meet the grounds for an Appeal."

You may have noticed Bob Harvey's article in Friday's Ottawa Citizen page A6 (March 13, 1998). The appeal and related documentation (including The United Church of Canada Act) are available without comment as e-mail in two self-extracting archives to anyone who requests them - about 100 pages or 250K compressed internet size (requires an IBM compatible computer and a program which can read wordperfect 6.0a files).

The file issue.wpd is a wordperfect 6.0a file and is separate from the appeal, but represents the core issue of the appeal, whether the General Council can legislate on doctrine without remit, and then use such legislation in its decision making process (although The United Church of Canada Act was not mentioned in any of the appeal, The Basis of Union 8.6.2(1) quoted in the appeal is directly from it).

The extract below gives some idea of the importance of The United Church of Canada Act.

The United Church of Canada Act

14-15 GEORGE V.

CHAP. 100.

An Act incorporating The United Church of Canada.

[Assented to 19th July, 1924.]

28. Notwithstanding anything in this Act contained, it is hereby declared:-