Milada Havelkova Second Room

Havelkova First Room
KanArt Gallery foyer

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          Bird feeder in Winter
          Water colour, 1995
          19x13 ins (48x33 cm)

Winter morning
Oil, 1981
10x8 ins (26x20 cm)
Winter sun in the trees
Oil, 1995
18x14 ins (46x36 cm)
Maple syrup making
[Dr. Joza]
Water colour, 1990
15x11 ins (38x28 cm)
Wild cherry in the fall
[Children services]
Naples Beach, Florida
Water colour
Stormy sunrise
Water colour, 1986 [Soukup]
23x17 ins (58x43 cm)
        Blooming cherry
        Water colour, 1983
        12x9 ins (30x23 cm)
         Shore with mulleins
        Water colour
Cottage entrance
Ice floats I
Water colour
Ice floats II
Water colour
Our shore
Water colour
         Our barn
         Oil, 1988
Island View Drive
Oil, 1988

Most of the pieces illustrated are owned by the artist.
The names of other owners are shown in [brackets].