The Soukup Room 5

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Wilted Tulips
Oil, 1997
18x24 ins (46x60 cm)

         Winter Field
         Oil on canvas, 1997
         17x30 ins (45x76 cm)

Stormy beach, Naples, Florida
Oil on canvas, 2000,
20x24 ins (51x61 cm)
[C. Bohm]

Crossing the Gulf Stream
Oil on canvas, 1997
18x30 ins (45x76 cm)
[Private collection]

Gala concert, Ottawa
Oil, 1997
12x24 ins (30x60 cm)

         Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, Florida
         Oil, 2001
         18x27 ins (46x69 cm)

The current owner is shown in [brackets].