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How do I start a community? Read the book: Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities. Check out the LINKS . Start creating the spirit of community around you NOW and every day. Create community where you are now, with the people that surround you. Create a vision for what you want as an intentional community. Write about it, make visual representations (collage images, make drawings) meditate on it, and ask for guidance from The Network if you believe in that (call it Angels, God, Spirit, Chi), or try it even if you do not believe in it! Share your Vision with others and find at least 2 other people who are enthusiastic about that Vision. A community is at least 3 people! Create community activities where people can meet face to face and nurture the Vision for the intentional community. Go ahead and share an apartment or a house to start with, and to learn more about living in community. Or live in your separate dwellings and share things and time together (a garden, tools, a bank account, regular activities). Go for your dreams and expect miracles. Have gratitude for what shows up - anything that brings you closer to your Vision.

Celebrating Community, and its francophone version Communauté en fête, is a website that celebrates the spirit of community across Canada, with a vision of sustainable living.

A wide variety of community initiatives can be found in our directory: established and forming communities, rural and urban initiatives, housing projects, educational centers, eco-tourism sanctuaries and solidarity collectivities.

May you find inspiration and wisdom in our articles. Our list of books includes 3 titles we recommend to forming communities.

Among our list of links you will find networks and organizations supporting different types of communities: eco-villages, cohousing, intentional communities, organic farming.


NEWS updated February 14, 2011

Note from the webmaster: This website is being discontinued and is not up to date. For a time, the contents will be accessible using the link http://web.ncf.ca/di760/

Hemp walls construction workshop at Eco-copiea, May 5 - 15, 2010, with Ivan Tattoli and Gabriel Gauthier. It is free and it is for everybody wanting to develop hemp techniques. A minimum participation of 4 days is required. There is also a formal training given by Gabriel Gauthier from ArtCan on the 8th and 9th of May (see the website for more info and the fees) . Please reserve by phone at 450-501-2422.

Consensus and Facilitation Training in Sutton, Quebec • Tuesday and Wednesday May 25-26, 2010 • with Diana Leafe Christian. This two-day workshop offers theory and practice for members of forming or existing intentional communities (including ecovillages and cohousing neighborhoods), nonprofit groups, and other organizations. It focuses on how consensus works — and how to make it work well for your group!

Story of Bottled Water This video from Free Range Studios invites the community to take part in a sustainability campaign. What's wrong with this seemingly healthy refreshment? Bottled water is often less clean, less tasty, and way more polluting than the water from your tap. Be aware and take action.

BC EcoReality Co-op seeks partners to help work the organic farm and live in one of the two houses. This 43 acre property in growing zone 8+ features 30 acres of cleared, irrigated fields on Class 2 soil, two streams with water licenses on each, young forest, and easement to a 2 acre, 50 million liter reservoir on adjacent 61 acre community farmland.

Building as if People Mattered: Royal Roads University and O.U.R. Ecovillage are partnering to offer a panel discussion on March 6, 2010. With unique multi-featured green rezoning projects, conservation communities, LEED awarded buildings and neighbourhoods, and a wide example of ecological and green design, the community will come together to describe a number of examples and then to discuss how we might showcase this work in a collective way. By bringing together an international tour and developing a “Building As If People Mattered Conference” (October 2010) we each can be part of the process.

Seedy Saturdays and Seedy Sundays: It is time to plan for seeds, plants and other gardening goodies. Bring your own seeds to share. This is a listing of events in Canada for those interested in plant biodiversity, heritage gardening, organic gardening, and seeds.

A housing cooperative, HabitaVie, was created to develop the residential component of an ecovillage in the Laurentians. Currently, some Right of Superficies contracts are available at a cost of $ 6 000. Adjoining to the ecovillage is Terravie's first natural heritage conservation project, having more than 188 acres of forested land recognized as a natural reserve.

Webinar on Monday, November 23, 2090: The U.S. Department of Energy's Building Technologies Program is offering a webinar, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. EST titled "Greensburg: America's Model Green Community in Their Own Words." This webinar will provide an overview of how Greensburg, Kansas, a town that was nearly destroyed by the largest tornado on record, found new life and purpose rebuilding as "America's model green community." Hear from city and government leaders how decisions were made to rebuild with the largest concentration of LEED? certified buildings in the world, and where the town is headed today.

Sustainable construction articles regarding greening homes SABmag publishes a continual flow of well researched technical articles, from reliable sources.

Indoor Environmental Air Quality Part 6 of 6 articles by Hugh Perry in Natural Life Magazine about Building or Buying Your Sustainable Home — Applying the principles of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design to your new home.

Join the network of BC intentional communities created to support each other by exchanging information, bartering goods and services, organizing work bees and cultural events together, and more.

EcoProperty.ca maintains listings of ecological and organic land, projects and proposals – for sale, for rent, to share, projects, land trusts, ecovillages, proposals and opportunities. Urban or rural, public or private.

Interactive Celebrating Community Group: Become a member of our new Google group which helps people interested in community living find each other.

Killaloe Earthship The Oasis Offers Earthship building workshops, Earthship design & building consultations, sacred astro sound workshops, and produce music for healing & meditation and celebrating life.

OUR Shares for sustainability
Buy a share, make a green gift, donate to The Cowichan Community Land Trust, in support of OUR Ecovillage's alternative mortgaging campaign.

Ad: Gardener/builder seeking rural sustainable living modality Seeking likeminded landowner(s) or folks who would like to pursue a co-operative rural sustainable living modality in Ontario.

Ad: Interested in living in a strawbale house? 3 bedroom 1300 square ft home on 2 acre lot with possibility to sell, rent or share. Located in an eco-hamlet in St-Andre-Avellin, QC, 50 minutes from Gatineau. Contact Gail or Danny 819-985-1818.

EcoReality Ecovillage
is developing in BC. It will be a model of sustainable development, and will feature public outreach and education ...

Inside WindSong Cohousing
The first architecturally designed cohousing project in Canada, now 12 years old, has preserved the community feeling that characterizes cohousing.