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television and video, online and broadcast, start to finish


DVD Releases

The Lighter Side of Hockey (2010) - Producer/writer/director/editor of a DVD release featuring bloopers of the past. Starring Cabral "Cabbie" Richards and produced for the NHL.

100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens (2009) - Producer,writer, director, editor for a 5 DVD box set to celebrate the centenary of the most fable professional hockey club in the world. Produced for the NHL, it was the best selling DVD release ever.


Candyland DVD, Clifford Puzzle Game DVD, Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD, Twister Dance DVD, Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit DVD, Clue DVD, Trivial Pursuit Unhinged, Be Equal’s Show me the Wild and Time Troopers, Raze’s Hell, Wheel of Fortune II and III, Jeopardy II and III, Monopoly, Family Feud, Family Fortunes and many more.

Jeopardy! (1998) Research/ writing for database for the CD-Rom game version of the TV show produced by Artech Studios for Hasbro.

Wheel of Fortune (1998) Research/writing/shooting and editing of video components for the CD-Rom game version of the TV show produced by Artech Studios for Hasbro.

Star Wars Playset (1998) Shooting of video components for the CD-Rom game. Artech Studios

Broadcast Television

Ridin' High (2011) - Director/writer/editor of a 13 part reality truck building show, produced by Blomeley Communications. Distributed by E-1

Pioneers (2009) - Director/editor of 13 half hour documentary style biographies of famous hockey players,produced by Blomeley Communications. Aired on NHL Network in Canada and the US.

Kardio Knockout (1999) - Director/editor of 65 half hour fitness programs produced by Blomeley Communications. Currently airing nationally on CTV Sportsnet and distributed internationally by Fox.

Eco-Traveller (1998) - Director/Off line editor on three half hours produced by Norris Communications. The show is about eco-tourism with an entertainment slant. It has been shown at MIP, MIP-COM and NATPE by the distributor, Jansen and Associates.

Festival! (1997) - Director/writer/off line editor on a half hour pilot produced by Norris Communications and hosted by Richardo Keens-Douglas. The show features festivals from around the world.

Beyond Equity (1996) - Producer/Director/Writer of a half hour broadcast special on Employment Equity and Diversity. The program features interviews with Al Flood, Chairman of CIBC, David Williams, President of National Grocers/Loblaws and Mary Gusella, Commissioner of the Public Service Commission of Canada; all looking at equity and diversity in the nineties.

Twice a Citizen (1995) - Director/Co-writer of a half hour documentary on the role of the Reserves in both the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian society in general. Hosted by Tom Clark and produced by BBS Productions and broadcast on April 5, 1995.

Computer Ease (1995) - Segment Producer/Editor for a weekly half hour computer show produced by Active Productions and broadcast in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Seven episodes were produced and aired.

Dispatches From the Desert (1993) - Director/Writer 30:00 news style look at the Canadian Forces contribution to the UN mission to Somalia. Broadcast by Baton Broadcasting System in July of 1993 in prime time and by Tele Metropole in Quebec.

Lifeline to Victory (1992) -Researcher - two hour made for TV Movie of the Week produced by Primedia Productions and Andrew Cochran Productions. Lifelines was aired on the Global network in Canada in 1993 and again in 1994.

Women Who Dare. . .(1992) - Production Manager - 30 minute series pilot produced by Sharon Buckingham for Mid Canada Communications. Shot in early 1992 for broadcast on their stations throughout Northern Ontario in 1992.

Delmer and Cecil's Valley Road Show (1992) - Producer - 30:00 special produced by Richard Cooper Television Productions for CJOH-TV. Shooting took place in Mexico in late March of 1992. The program aired December 30 1992 in prime time.

Reconciliation: The Promise of Peace (1992) - Director/Writer 60:00 prime time documentary on Canada's role in peacekeeping since 1947. Produced by Glen-Warren Entertainment and broadcast on October 16, 1992 on most CTV affiliates.

A Question of Perception: Learning Disability & Universities (1991) -Producer/Co-writer/Director - 30 minute documentary hosted by W.O. Mitchell. Produced in conjunction with Carleton University for broadcast in late 1991.

Reluctant Heroes: Canada's Military Heritage (1989/1994) -Producer/Director a 60 minute historical documentary, broadcast several times on Baton Broadcasting Incorporated outlets, CTV affiliates and independent stations. Updated and re-edited in 1994. Over 8000 copies were sold.