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Florence T Lyon is a pen name that represents a renaissance and a philosophical crossroad.

Flo is the pen name for Theresa Jamone (formerly Jobateh) who did indeed live on the shores of the Georgian Bay and haunted a couple of small Muskoka towns. She cherishes fond memories of the Bay, the surrounding Muskoka nature, the perfect climbing trees and the passing trains. Yes, she spent a lot of time in the libraries - even had a dream job work term many years ago.

She resides and works in Ottawa, Ontario where she shelters and feeds three young adult children and two lazy cats. While recovering from a life-altering experience, she used writing as part of her therapy. Journal entries turned into prayers. Short stories evolved into the novel, which provided a welcomed creative outlet for over four years.

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Reader comment -there's a bit of Sera in all of us!

Florence's books

Red Planet Blues
4 of 5 stars
Interesting concept of transferring one's consciousness and living forever. Good detective story, fun characters and entertaining plot twists. Enjoyed.