Outdoor Murals of Ottawa Canada
Vanier Beechwood

[Map]  From downtown, drive north on Marier to 186 Barrette. Thanks to two remarkable electrical engineers, Thomas Ahearn & Warren Soper, Ottawa was one of the earliest cities in North America to have electric streetcars, and had the first heated cars anywhere. A number of early councillors and mayors are shown on Beechwood streetcars of 1909. Originally, the right streetcar roof and building awning matched, but the latter was changed a few years after by a new building owner who didn't appreciate that it doubled as the visual roof of a left streetcar. Artist: Karole Marois.

[Map]  The next street to the north is Beechwood. This mural at 186 depicts François-Xavier Barrette, parish priest of the area from 1912 to 1961, and Les Zouaves, the "Pope's army". Artist: David Yeatman.

[Map]  The mural at 110 Beechwood shows the procession celebrating Corpus Christi, a Catholic celebration held 60 days after Easter to commemorate the Eucharist. At top is St-Charles church and the house at which the service will be held. Father Barrette leads the way, accompanied by the local school band Les Baladins and parishioners. The then mayor of Vanier is at left. Artist: John Ellenberger.

[Map]  The last Council of the City of Vanier is commemorated at 94 Beechwood. The front railings are real, the side ones painted. The artist's neice is the model for the two children on the balcony. Artist: Karole Marois.

[Map]  92 Beechwood. The fate of old murals. Artist unknown.

[Map]  50 Beechwood. Looking east along Beechwood in the 1950's, the parish church St-Charles is in the distance. The yellow brick Chummy's was noted for being covered with signs. The children lined up at the chip wagon are grandchildren of members of the Vanier mural committee, the postman M. Hotte. Artist: David Yeatman.

[Map]  Return to your car and drive east to Richelieu Park at the end of des Pères Blancs. This one, on the parking lot side of the Center, shows the original sugar shack of the park with the White Fathers of Africa hosting local children. Artist: John Ellenberger.

The rear of the building shows Montreal Road looking west about 1950. St. Margaret's is in the left foreground, the brown streak is the railway (today the Vanier Parkway), the Rideau River forms the horizon. The foreground figures are a former mayor of Vanier, Roger Crête, his wife and their family. Artist: David Yeatman.

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