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A web site exploring the aspects of hacking computers that present ethical situations

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his web site takes a view that hacking of a certain kind can be ethically justified. The web site looks at ethics and hacking together. Various ethical theories can and can not defend hacking. But we need to continue to look at why ethics finds hacking wrong.

    The Royal Canadian Mounted police define hacker on their web site<> with this paragraph:

          The term computer "hacker" refers to an individual who, via a modem or some other 
          computer communications device, circumvents computer security and breaks into a
          computer system. "Hacking" could be roughly equated to a break and enter.
          A "hacker"can steal data, sabotage information, or do nothing but browse.

    Police are accused of being too zealous with hacker investigations and arrests.  As well the rules of evidence, search and seizure seem to be too strict with computer cases. Penalties and laws are looked at in regard computers and hacking.

    Mention is made in this web essay of the most quoted hacker cases in the popular press. A listing of movies and a look at media portrayal of hackers is presented.

  A defense of hacking is given. The concept of hacking is seen to be a natural occurrence of badness in a new human space: cyberspace. Finally the web site ends with a hope that a criminal hacker can become a better person without legal sanction.

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