The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

- by Tony Copple

On Friday evening May 24, '96 I achieved a goal set when I read "Catch the Fire" in England at Christmas '94, by attending a service at TACF, 272 Atwell Drive, off Dixon Rd, Mississauga.

Many people I met in UK on that trip were aware of TACF, and some had made the trip in person. It has become one of the more famous charismatic centres in the world, spawning other churches, and is sometimes called "The Toronto Blessing." Fewer in Canada seem to know about it!

I am an evangelical at heart, and for me it's a most uplifting experience to be with hundreds of others praising and loving our Lord, as was the case at the Luis Palau Mission to London. TACF has also become known for the physical manifestations of many worshippers under the powerful influence of the Holy Spirit; "holy" laughter, roaring like a lion, etc.

The phone number is 416-674-8463. Or surf to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, where you can see services most nights on streaming video.

We continue to visit TACF about once a year and it continues offering full evenings of worship, teaching, healing and ministry six days a week (not Mondays), attended by folk from all over the world. We last visited December 27, 2002.

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