by Tony Copple

Societal trends and comments

Morals, attitides and hemlines ebb and flow. The Kinks sang of a Dedicated Follower of Fashion. As we age, these trends become more and more aggravating. It is amazing how fast they catch on. It is a by-product of capitalism, where everyone has the potential to change the world in some way, and harnessing the power of the Internet, many continue to do so.

One such change has been fascinating me recently (2010). Women and girls and posters are giving us men an eyeful of fascinating curves and flesh every time we walk down the street. Don't they know that this will be interpreted by some as an invitation, and by almost all as a leering opportunity? I love it as much as anyone, and I will soon be 70. Yet my sense is that either most of them have no idea of the effect they are having, or else they are deliberately provoking with impunity - for we males know that if we drop our guard and happen to make hand contact with some of that anatomy (which we all would dearly love to do) we will be accused of sexual harrasment before you can say hard dick (which is what it gives us).

In the first item below, David Sherman tackles this issue and throws some light upon the subject. What he doesn't explain is how in a couple of years these trends seem to have permeated 50% of the female population, putting them at risk from predators who are less concerned with going behind bars than you or me. I would love to learn the marketing secret of how to change society that fast.

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