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by Tony Copple

Radio is currently experiencing a resurgence, though in my ears it never left. To me it is more satisfying than TV, and something I look forward to when I get in the car. My regular stations are CBC R1, Live 88.5 and my favourite, CKCU 93.1 - particularly "Over my Head," music by Christian artists at 8:00 am every Sunday, and the BBC World Service news at 7:00 am, 8:00 am and noon, on weekdays at CKCU. In October 2001, Laurie-Ann, my wife, began broadcasting on CKCU-FM, and a couple of years later I joined her as a host. Check out L-A & Tony on the radio.. We are hosts of Window of Opportunity and Over My Head.

I took part in the BBM audience research survey for a week in October 1997, logging every time I listened for a week. I shared my time between stations listed above, plus Kool, CIMF, The Bear, Chez, and 10 minutes of Majic 100. My comments to the survey were:
* CKCU is excellent quality radio, and receives little recognition;
* CHEZ lost my attention when Brian Murphy left, and the amount of informative talk and comment on one of my favourite genres, classic rock, was reduced almost to zero. Its musical selection is unadventurous; always playing only well-known tracks;
* CHRI Christian Hit Radio is the best thing to hit Ottawa this decade. Needs more Kilowatts;
* CBC R1 should broadcast in stereo;
* I am not a fan of "computer-generated radio", where every station sounds much the same, and could be run by robots. I far prefer the CKCU style. Most of my favourite songs seem never to be played on radio - I am a big music fan with a huge collection. I like to listen to what others aren't listening to. I like "Talk radio" (eg CFRA). I love stereo (why aren't sports events broadcast in stereo to capture the atmosphere?)

Satellite Radio

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Satellite TV

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300 channels worldwide. Ideal for ex-pats.

I have a KU band satellite TV, purchased from MJ Sales who operate an e-Satellite Warehouse. It's fun; no charge, quite a few spaceships up there to point at, and reception is often perfect. I am currently looking for a replacement for a defective LNB model HLS-703 head amplifier from this original NS Group satellite system. If you have one that you can spare, please let us know.

Here is a satellite link:

  • Star Choice: 115+ channels, cinema picture, Dolby(R) CD sound.

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