Blood Donors of Plymouth Street

This Page is an unofficial resource for Plymouth Street, Ottawa, donors.

My feeling is that such nice people as I've always found there - and that includes the nursing staff of course - would be good to communicate with and get to know outsidethe clinical environment. Internet provides a way.


7 Sep 1999 - People who have spent a total of six months or more in the UK since 1980 are no longer qualified to give blood. The reason is that there may be a risk of transmitting variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease through blood transfusions. This policy is a precautionary measure and will be reviewed as adequacy of evidence becomes available.

This exclusion affects the author of this page.

An appointment system started in July 1997. When you attend, you arrange your next appointment. This reduces line-ups. You will still be able to walk in without an appointment Mondays and Tuesdays, but walk-ins Wed - Fri may experience more delay. Here's the schedule:

	Monday		12:30 -  8:00 pm	Walk in
	Tuesday		 9:00 -  5:00 pm	Walk in
	Wednesday	 5:00 -  8:00 pm	Appointments
	Thursday	12:30 -  8:00 pm	Appointments
	Friday		 9:00 - 12:30 pm	Appointments	
To make an appointment for Plymouth Street, call 236-0199, or 800-264-0680. The regular Plymouth Street tel no. is (613)-560-7445.

We'll try and keep you abreast of interesting news items. For example:
  • Canadian Blood Services, CBS took over from the Red Cross for as the blood collection service in September 1998. They can be reached by telephone at 1-888-462-4056. In Quebec, it's Hema-Quebec, 1-888-666-4362.
  • Can Do Coalition - Canadian bone marrow/stem cell, etc, donations

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