Looking for Bed and Breakfast?

Within striking distance of Ottawa

by Tony Copple

This is not a comprehensive list! It does include places we have stayed
at or have reason to believe are well run and reasonably priced.


  • Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast, 98 Martin St. South. Almonte, K0A 1A0
    Proprietors: John & Pat Willard     Phone: (613) 256-3747
    E-mail: jonwil@ca.inter.net

    Brockville - 1000 Islands region

  • The Calico Cat, 193 Brockmere Cliff Drive, Brockville, is situated between Brockville and Rockport, ideal for your 1000 Islands tour. The view of the St. Lawrence from your room is breathtaking, and the property includes beautiful teered gardenscaping down to a private dock, containing sculptures by your hostess Dixie Logie. We spent our second wedding anniversary there.


  • Kirkstone House, 2962 Carp Rd, Carp
    Apply via The Cheshire Cat Pub, 2193 Richardson Side Rd, 831-2183, e-mail: c_totti@hotmail.com
  • Kent House Bed & Breakfast, 1422 Sherruby Way
    Proprietor: Brenda Heming
    Tel. (613) 839-0055


  • Stonebridge Bed & Breakfast
    Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0 Phone: (613) 624-5431
    A little community near the historic Packenham stone bridge, consisting of a charming bed and breakfast operated by Bob and Thora Pugh, with a tea room, The Stone Bridge Shop, Hedy's, The Potting Shed, By-the-river Gallery. Site of our first wedding anniversary.


  • Eastlake House
    27 Centre Street, PO Box 3081, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0, owned by Tony's friends John Cook & Julie Robinson. Tony and Laurie-Ann had a lovely stay there in July 06.


  • TLC B&B
    Location: 103 Fowler Street (south of the Jock River) Richmond, Ontario
    Proprietors: Justyna and Bob Lawrence
    Tel: (613)838-5890
    Web - for all the details


  • Les Trois Erables, 801 Chemin Riverside, Wakefield, Quebec
    We stayed for Thanksgiving, 2000, and thoroughly enjoyed not only Joanne Hunter and Jim Fitzgibbons' friendly espablishment, but also relished Wakefield as a whole, dining delectably at La Maison Earle (459-1028).

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