Magic                                                               5:14

Dream Girl                                                       4:19

She Does What She Wants                             3:51

I'm Not Mad (Ready for the World)               3:36

Alone Together                                                 5:00

Take The Time to Dream                                 4:38

Lost in Thought (When I Got Caught)             3:35

Good Vibrations                                                4:24

The Real Thing                                                 4:01

(On The) Night Flight                                       4:40

Just Like You    *                                              4:06

We Hold On       *                                              4:37

All of the Dreams   *                                         4:09

Until the Night Is Over     *                              3:50

Why Don't You Take It    *                               3:54

* Tracks from Con-Test

Tonight Green Vinyl

Tonight on Green Vinyl

(Photo courtesy of Dave Handyside of  Ina-Gadda-Da-Records 


Original Release Date: 1987

Cameron Hawkins: Lead and Background Vocals, Keyboards, Bass

Nash the Slash : Lead And Background Vocals, Electric Mandolin, Harmonica, Violin, Bousouki, Mandola 

Simon Brierley : Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Background Vocals

Greg Critchley - Drums, Lead Vocal on The Real Thing, Background Vocals

Thanks to Michael Waite - Bass Voices and Background Vocals

Left To Right (Nash The Slash, Greg Critchley, Cameron Hawkins, Simon Brierley)


The following songs were featured on the Friday the 13th VII (The New Blood) Movie (PW). Link

"I'm Not Mad (Ready for the World)"
"Take the Time to Dream"
"Dream Girl"
"The Real Thing"
"Magic (in Your Eyes)"
Performed by FM


Bed Tracks Engineered by: John Naslen

Overdubs Engineered by: Ron Searles

Mix Engineered by: John Naslen

Assistant Engineer: Mark Baldi

Recorded at Manta Sound Company On The Mitsubishi 32 Track x 850 Recording System and Mixed To The Mitsubishi x 80 Digital Two Track

A Digital Recording

Front Cover: Detail From The Painting "The Dreamer" By: Robert Vanderhorst

Photography: Andre Pierre Leduc

Graphics: Robert Vanderhorst