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Purpose and goals of the Ottawa Sparks Street Streetcar Project:

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To plan, build and operate a heritage style streetcar system in Downtown Ottawa.

Modern Replica Streetcars that have the appearance of heritage streetcars would be used for the system. These streetcars would have modern components and be handicapped accessible via wheelchair lifts.

The system would be a single track system with passing tracks in several sections.

Phase One would run from Sparks and Elgin to the area of the War Museum.

Stage Two would cross the Ottawa River and run through Gatineau and then cross back into Ottawa to connect back to Sparks Street to form a cross-river loop system.

The initial system would comprise two operating streetcars with one spare streetcar. They would be stored in a garage large enough for several additional streetcars and there would be several maintenance bays included in the design.

Note: The project team has received funding ($10,000) and approval from the Sparks Street Mall Authority to continue working on this project. Date of Approval: February 3, 2010.


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One Possible Scenario

This is an image of a small Turkish Streetcar superimposed onto an image of Sparks Street

View the Ottawa Streetcar Video on Youtube.

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The end of Ottawa's Streetcars in 1959.

A commemorative video on Youtube about the streetcars that were "thrown away" by the City of Ottawa on May 4, 1959. This is a special commemorative video of the 50th anniversary of the end of the streetcar system in Ottawa Canada. Source and permission to use the video is from Raymond Langlois. It also has scenes of the 1000 series streetcars in Ottawa, rare because only 4 of this type were made, and they were withdrawn from service some time before the end of the streetcar era in 1959. Regular venue Streetcar service in Ottawa came to on April 30, 1959.