The March For Marriage
Photos and comment by Tony Copple

April 9, Parliament Hill, Ottawa - People of all faiths took to the streets today in a 15,000 strong gesture to Paul Martin that Bill C-38 is an affront to civilization and the sanctity of marriage.

19 speakers including Stephen Harper, Archbishop Gervais, David Mainse, Jason Kenney MP, Liberal MP Pat O'Brien, Senator Anne Cools, Revs Dominic Tse and Tristan Emmanuel, Pierre Poilievre MP, and Stockwell Day MP. punched home the message that Bill C-38 will fracture our society, damage our children, and take away from us something that this mainly under-40 crowd clearly values as a seminal element in our lives: the uniqueness of marriage as between one man and one woman. Notably absent on the platform were representatives of the United Church and the Anglican Church. Powerful addresses were made by leaders of the Chinese church, Coptic Christian church and the Greek Orthodox church, as well as Jewish and Muslim leaders. Thank God for immigrant Christians.

Sponsoring organizations:
Canada Family Action Coalition
The Knights of Columbus
Toronto Chinese Catholic Community
Catholic Civil Rights League
Canadian Conservation Union
United mothers and Fathers

The Multi-Faith Coalition for the Defence
of Traditional Marriage (Toronto)
Jubilee Centre for Christian Social Action
United Front
Real Women of Canada
Equipping Christians for the Public Square
Free Dominion

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Enshrine Marriage Canada, and A Declaration
Life Site News
Same sex marriage
Social Conservative Organization Network - SOCON
Kill Bill

B.C. Catholic - Apr 18

March organizers:
John Pacheco,
Catholic Activist

Debbie Jodoin,
Social Conservative Activist

One Man One Woman: written and sung by David MacDonald (pictured above). Download and info.

Stephen Harper was a speaker at this event...

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